Malachi Bostic-Wattley, also known as DJ Kai Royale, is currently a student at Montgomery College. He picked up Djinjg after having to stop running track and field. His passion as an artist lead him to learn how to Dj because he saw it as a practical expression of his artistic nature. He comes from a diverse family which consists of German and Caribbean, which shows in his mixes because he is able to combine many different sounds into a fluid mix.  Malachi enjoys mixing different types of music because he loves pleasing as many people in the crowd as he can!  Malachi has played at many universities such as Bucknell University and John Hopkins University; in addition he has played in clubs located in DC. He also holds a residency DJ contract in the Bethesda area.

Being that Malachi is a young and upcoming DJ, he’s up to date with all the popular sounds but has an ear for soulful tunes. He has mastered the art of transitioning and mixing sounds together that can bring people from all around the world together!