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Rick Normoyle


One day, in the early 1960s, a young boy, maybe twelve or thirteen years of age, was living in West Germany. One of his friends invited him to see a concert in Frankfurt where there would be a number of bands playing. This boy loved music, so he accepted. While he sat up on the balcony overlooking the stage, he heard band after band play and was enjoying himself; then, it happened – the band came on the stage. The boy had never heard anything like them. Four young men had begun to perform – they sang in wonderful harmonies, they were experimenting with music in unusual ways. In the boy’s eyes they were fabulous, and he
decided that he wanted to do what they were doing when he grew up – he wanted to be a professional musician. The Beatles definitely made an impression on Rick Normoyle, but they certainly weren’t the only musical influence on the young Rick – they were simply the catalyst for a long, interesting career in music.