5 Ways To Impress Your Wedding Reception Guests

Wedding receptions have become increasingly elaborate these days. Couples who plan to tie the knot want to make their big day unique and special enough that guests will find it unforgettable.  Fortunately, it does not take much effort to make your wedding celebration one of a kind. Here are some wedding celebration ideas that can leave a lasting impression with your reception guests:

Come Up With A Memorable Theme

A themed wedding reception is a good way to impress your guests. Who would easily forget a wedding celebration with a set-up that remakes a scene from a popular movie? Movie buffs tying the knot will add their personality to their wedding with a theme inspired from the big screen. Other theme ideas include paying homage to your favorite sports team or reminiscing about an important time in history.

Hand Out Favors

You can hand out favors as token of remembrance of your special day. Personally giving the favors to your guests at the end of the festivities also offer you a chance to thank them for coming and sharing in the celebration of your big day.

Choreograph A Dance Number

Instead of the traditional couple’s first dance, consider a choreographed piece for your favorite dance song. Make it more interesting by performing with your guests. This fun and interactive performance can get your guests ready for a dance party.

Set Up A Photo Booth

A wedding photo booth has become a staple at wedding receptions. Your guests will enjoy getting their photos taken in their wedding attire. A photo booth also serves another purpose: it can help entertain guests while they wait for the wedding party to get started.

Hire A DJ

An enthusiastic DJ can be the life of your party. This person can also ensure important segments of the celebration, from cutting the cake to the tossing of the bouquet, go smoothly. A DJ can also get your guests moving. If one of your top priorities at your wedding is to have a killer dance party, then hiring an experienced DJ is the way to go.

You can hire a professional DJ for your wedding party through Bialek’s Music. We also have musicians, live bands and professional singers who can perform on your special day. Contact us today to learn more how we can help make your wedding reception truly memorable.

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