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Music Entertainment DJ Musical Award shows recognizing the achievements of actors, singers, directors, writers, and many others in the entertainment industry abound year round. They’ve become a part of entertainment itself. Have you ever wondered how and when all these awards came to be? Which one is the oldest? Which award is the newest? Read on to find out more.

It’s no surprise that the Academy Awards, or the Oscars, is the oldest award show in the U.S. Presented by the American Motion Picture of Arts and Sciences (AMPAS), the first Academy Award ceremony was held in 1929 at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles. Tickets to the event cost $5.00 and the ceremony lasted for 15 minutes. The following year, the award show was broadcast over radio; the first television broadcast was in 1953.

Next in line for the oldest award show is the Grammy Awards, which began in 1959. Interestingly, this music awards show got its start because of the Hollywood Walk of Fame. When executives from the music industry tried to decide who was worthy of a star on the famous walkway, they realized how many people could be recognized so the Grammy Awards, originally called the Gramophone Awards, was born. The first award was tentatively called the “Eddie,” to honor Thomas Edison, but the decision was made to name it after the gramophone, the original player for sound recordings.

More musical award shows followed such as the American Music Awards, the Country Music Awards, Billboard Music Awards, and the MTV Video Music Awards. The 2018 American Music Awards (AMAs) were held last month and honored the queen of soul, Aretha Franklin, as part of the ceremony. Taylor Swift swept the categories winning for Best Artist of the Year, Tour of the Year, Favorite Female Artist (Pop/Rock), and Favorite Album (Pop/Rock).

The next award show on tap is the Country Music Awards (CMAs) on November 14th. The CMAs began in Nashville in 1967. The first Entertainer of the Year award went to Eddy Albert. This year’s nominees include Miranda Lambert, Carrie Underwood, Luke Combs, Keith Urban, and Kenny Chesney.

Other music award shows include the MTV Video Music Awards, which began in 1984 and the Billboard Music Awards, which started in 1990. The first MTV Video Music Awards ceremony was broadcast from Radio City Music Hall in New York.

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