Band VS DJ – Which One Should You Have At Your Next Wedding

Many couples have a hard time deciding on hiring a band versus a DJ for their wedding. But some couples prefer having a live musician for the ceremony, then having a DJ take over for the dinner. If you’re still debating the pros and cons for a band or a DJ, here are some important factors to keep in mind. 

Party Setup

A band’s setup is much more complicated than that of a DJ as it takes time to setup equipment. This can prevent a band from performing during happy hour, cocktails, and some parts of the reception when the events are held at different venues. Meanwhile, a DJ can easily setup for weddings since he’s a one-man show. He has very little equipment and can quickly play music.

Stage Presence

People love to see a band perform on stage. They love to watch their presence and musical skills. Bands that command a stage presence love to put on a “show” at wedding receptions, which works well for those couples looking for entertainment.

On the other hand, guests dance to a DJ. He is the not the focal point of the reception. You’ll want to hire a DJ who maintains a low-key presence and keeps the focus on the couple and their happy day.

Reliability Factor

If one member of a band can’t attend the wedding, it may be difficult to locate someone at the last minute who can play the same instruments and know the musical parts, forcing the band to cancel. A DJ can have a standby DJ available to cover the event if necessary.

Song Familiarity

A DJ can play your favorite music that you know your guests will love. It’s their job to entertain and get the guests out on the dance floor. Bands try their best to play the songs that they know people will love, but often lack the instruments or vocals to play the song properly. Very few bands have both a female and male vocalist. Listening to an awful band playing your favorite song can be painful.

You may find that a DJ is worth the investment. Their setup and music runs smoothly, they can make announcements, they have an easier time reading the crowd, and they have great reception success. Bialek’s Music has worked with both live musicians and DJs over the years. We can help make your wedding a memorable one with exciting entertainment options that will make your guests happy.

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