Music Education in Public Schools

Music Celebration EntertainmentIn addition to learning the ABCs and the three Rs, music education is a beneficial and important part of the curriculum in a child’s education. The importance of music programs is supported by numerous studies. The facts may

Fa-La-La-La-La – The Caroling Tradition

Music Entertainment Maryland

Kids in elfes costumes going Christmas caroling flat vector illustration

Every year millions of people come together to sing their favorite Christmas carols, but they may not know how the tradition began. Songs sung during

Tickling the Ivories

 Music Entertainment,PartyThe genius of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is often associated with the piano, but the brilliant musician and composer actually composed his masterpieces on a harpsichord. The harpsichord and clavichord are the ancestors of what we know today as

Olé – The Rise of Latin Music

A growing Hispanic population in the U.S. has given way to the rise in popularity of Latin music. Songs with either all Spanish or a combination of Spanish and English lyrics are working their way to the top of record charts across the country and worldwide. Record

Jeff Hayes

Jeff Hayes has been playing the piano in the metropolitan Washington DC area since the 1980s. He has played solo piano at the area’s finest hotels and clubs. Jeff has played for conventions, fundraisers, and every type of celebration imaginable. Jeff’s repertoire runs the gamut from classical and

Josh Christina

It’s a path that seemed destined from the start. Born into a musical family, Baltimore-based rockabilly artist, Josh Christina inherited his musical chops from his father (a drummer), his mother (Baltimore-area singer Patti Christina), and his grandmother, who was a big band singer in the ’40’s and ’50’s.

Is it digital or live?

Music Entertainment EventsThe quality of music recording has improved exponentially since the days of the Saturday big band radio broadcast. Recording devices and playback technology brought music into nearly every home–and vehicle–from the days of the 8-track tape to cassettes

And the award goes to …

Music Entertainment DJ Musical Award shows recognizing the achievements of actors, singers, directors, writers, and many others in the entertainment industry abound year round. They’ve become a part of entertainment itself. Have you ever wondered how and when all these

Tickling the Ivories

Music Entertainment EventThe genius of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is often associated with the piano, but the brilliant musician and composer actually composed his masterpieces on a harpsichord. The harpsichord and clavichord are the ancestors of what we know today as

Which Strings Are Which?

string instrumentsString instruments are used in every musical genre from pop to rock to classical. The notes may be the same, but the sounds can be very different. Even when the instruments look alike, there are important differences. For example,

The Best Songwriters of the 20th Century – It’s open to debate

Music, like visual art, is very subjective. Gather a group of friends together and ask them who is the best singer, what is the best genre, or what is the best song and there is sure to be a spirited debate. Google “who was the best” in

Cordial Affair

Cordial Affair, featuring Doug Ross, has traveled an adventurous musical path around the world, from the Caribbean to Asia and all over the U.S. About Doug Ross: After winning awards in high school bands, he was encouraged to head to Hollywood for intensive study with bass greats Gary Willis,

B & B Jazz

View Song List Bhagwan Khalsa, was born in Baltimore, MD. He grew up in DC and Virginia until the age of 12, when he left the states to spend four years of his life in India. After graduating from high school abroad, Bhagwan returned to the DC area where

Holiday Music: The Classics and New Favorites

music entertainment, celebrationMusic is as much a part of the holidays as snowmen, candy canes, and gift-giving. Most people look to classics of both religious and popular music, but there’s no shortage of new songs to embrace and include in

Music Trends in 2018

Whether or not you follow music trends, they impact what, where, when, and how you see and listen to your favorite artists. This year is no exception; music in 2018 is going into numerous directions. Read on to get the 411 on the top five trends.

The Rise of Korean Pop

Music,Entertainment, EventsHallyu. It’s the Korean version of the British Invasion of the 1960s. As we become a more global society, music from around the world is sweeping the US. In the last 5 to 10 years Korean pop, or K-pop,

Ring in 2019 with a New Year’s Extravaganza

music, entertainment,party,celebrationIt isn’t too early to start thinking about your New Year’s Eve party. Venues including banquet facilities and hotels fill up quickly, some booking as far as a year ahead of time. Even if your celebration will

Giving Thanks

Event,Music,PartyIt isn’t too early to search for a venue to hold your Thanksgiving dinner. The end of September is a great time to send your intended guests a “Save the Date” notice since Thanksgiving is the biggest travel day of the

The Comeback of Boy Bands

Music Band, DJ, EntertainmentThe word is out. Boy bands are making a comeback. Just in time for the Labor Day Weekend, throw your own “Boy Band Celebration.” We know their names: New Kids on the Block, the Jonas Brothers, One

Open Wide and Take Your Medicine – It’s Music

music,celebration,eventNo one likes to be in the hospital, least of all children. Studies now show that music can be the best medicine for adults and children alike. Even the tiniest babies benefit from music. Physicians teamed up with music therapists

October Weddings

music,entertainment, party , DJOctober has surpassed June as the most popular month for weddings. Typically, the summer heat is over and the cooler weather makes it the perfect time for an indoor or outdoor wedding. However, it can also

Music Education For Life

music,entertainment,bandsEvery musician knows music improves every area of your life. Students can acquire the same whole life benefits when they participate in music education. The skill sets students acquire through music education prepare them to do well in other subjects

The Perfect Summer Soiree

music,entertainment,band,DJSummer is officially in full swing! Warm sunny afternoons and chirping evening crickets all foster the desire to gather with family and friends in celebration. Ensuring that your party is the event of the season is not as difficult as

Music That’s Scary Good

events,,Band in MDEven though summer is in full swing, the holidays are just around the corner. One holiday that’s under-celebrated is Halloween. Who doesn’t like to don a scary or fun costume and be someone else for a night? Here’s your

Marry The Music & The Place

wedding , event, entertainment, musicLocation is everything in more ways than one. Take your wedding from a hotel or banquet hall into the city. There are unique locations in every city that you haven’t considered as a venue for

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Karaoke Ralph Freeman

Looking for that special touch or splash of color and fun to add to any your special moments? Karaoke is just the right thing! Plan your wedding, birthday, fundraiser, corporate event or any reason to party, with karaoke. My style of karaoke will take any

Choosing Music Is Serious Business

music, events,Corporate eventEven though businesses today are cutting back on expenditures, many still throw summer company events. When planning your company’s celebration, think out of the box. The choices for music are almost endless.

The String is the

Professional Musicians Are Worth The Price

event, party, live band, musiciansIf you’ve ever been to an event with live music, you know there is a great difference in quality and atmosphere. Live music adds fun and atmosphere to any party or event. If you’ve never

Music to Sooth The Savage Mood

Everyone is busy. We’re connected to family, friends, business associates, friends of friends, and people who want to be friends, 24-hours a day. No wonder stress and stress-related diseases are on the rise. It seems as if no one has time to unplug and just relax. There are

Hiring The Right DJ For Your Event

DJ, music, band, entertainmentThe soul of any great party or event is the music. The options for music range from a single musician, to a singing group, to a professional DJ and beyond. If live music isn’t within

music entertainment

How to Find the Perfect Venue

Whenever you plan an event, perhaps the most important decision is where to hold it. Regardless of the type of event, there are some basic considerations that will make your planning easier and your event successful.


If your event is local, you

Celebrate Graduation Season

Whether it’s high school or college, graduation is an occasion to celebrate. This milestone signifies both the end of one phase of life and the beginning of another. Final exams are over, the last paper has been turned in, and it’s time to walk. And, after the pomp

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Smile For The Camera

music, entertainment. weddings, eventsDid you know that the first photo booth dates back to the 1890s? One of the first photo booths was installed in 1925 on Broadway in New York City and within the first six months, 280,000

Make Your Wedding Swing

If you’re not a traditional kind of couple, consider a theme wedding. How about considering a swing wedding? Whether you’re a newbie to swing or a retro enthusiast, stepping back to the 1940s big band era can make your day to remember even more memorable.


music entertainment,event lightings

In The Spotlight

When planning an event, one thing that is often overlooked is lighting. Professional lighting is often associated only with photography or video production, but the right lighting can make an event stand out. The choices are only limited by your imagination. Think about events you’ve attended, your

How To Choose The Best Music For Your Next Party

A party is a stale one without some good music. Whether you’re hosting a birthday party, a holiday get-together, or a casual Friday night bash, you need to have the right music. Here are some tips that will make your next party a better one.

How To Choose Appropriate Music For A Business Convention

You looked through your playlist and you’re embarrassed by it. You realized that the music is too sexually suggestive or immature for your event. Not sure what’s the best music for your event? This guide will show how to choose the right music.


Mutual Fun

Mutual Fun is a versatile 4, 5 and 6-piece live band playing a wide variety of dance music, from Motown to Classic Rock and Roll, Oldies to current Top 40, even Disco, Country and Big Band music. Our amazing versatility and wealth of experience has made us one

How To Book An Independent Artist For Your Next Event

An independent artist is a great way to liven up an event. Live music is better than listening to a pre-made playlist since it can get the crowd going. But booking an artist can be costly too.

If you’re planning an event, then you