Alternative ‘80s Music Flashback

It was the decade of big hair, leg warmers, Reaganomics, and MTV. For many Generation Xers, now in their 40s and early 50’s, the alternative music of the 1980s provided the soundtrack for their high school and college years. If you’re thinking of…Read More

How to Choose the Perfect Music for Your Party

Having the right music at your party can mean the difference between hosting a run-of-the-mill event and one that everyone will remember for years to come. The type of music you choose is one of the biggest factors in orchestrating a successful gathering.

Tyler Fitzpatrick

Guitarist Tyler Fitzpatrick first fell in love with the guitar at age twelve. Though he spent time teaching himself, Tyler has been fortunate to study with many of the best teachers available. His first teacher, Roger Farwell, taught him the importance of technique…Read More

Tyler Fitzpatrick Jazz Trio

Guitarist Tyler Fitzpatrick first fell in love with the guitar at age twelve. Though he spent time teaching himself, Tyler has been fortunate to study with many of the best teachers available. His first teacher, Roger Farwell, taught him the importance of technique…Read More

How Music Affects Our Mood

Most people enjoy listening to music while they’re engaged in everyday activities such as working, playing, eating, studying, socializing, or unwinding. The right music can make whatever we’re experiencing much more enjoyable, even if it’s something we’d really rather not be doing. Music…Read More

Why Choose Live Music for an Event?

If you are trying to decide whether to have live music at an event you are planning here are some reasons to consider this option.

Ellington Carthan Jazz Trio

Ellington Carthan has a rich musical career that consists of teaching, performing, producing, and composing. He performs jazz regularly, accompanies for choirs, soloists, and collaborates with various ensembles. He is self employed as a freelance performer and teacher. Ellington holds a Bachelors of…Read More

Social Media Reminders for Your Event

Are you planning a wedding, a summer family reunion, or a corporate event? No matter what type of gathering you are organizing, one critical component is the proper use of social media to advertise the upcoming experience – complete with teasers that excite…Read More

What is ‘the Alternative”

Have you ever heard someone talking about ‘alternative’ music? Many people are unfamiliar with this music genre. Alternative music is also called ‘alt-rock’. It is a style of music that had its beginnings in the ‘indie’ or ‘independent music’ field. Independent music dates…Read More

The Music Request List

When planning an event many hosts will separate the event planning from the music event preparations. That’s because they are two distinct components of an event that fall into distinct categories. They require planners with a different type of experience and expertise.

Matching the Music to the Event

Have you ever attended an event where something felt off? It could have been something minor such as the décor didn’t match the theme or the food that didn’t suit the presentation that the host was intending to provide. When events don’t offer…Read More

Speaking to the Talent

As a talent agency we juggle multiple perspectives in the business. We are constantly looking for new talent that we can support and place. We also try to appeal to the public to select our talent agency to place the right talent for…Read More

Planning the Music for the Wedding Ceremony

Planning the music portion of a wedding requires time and focus not unlike the many other details that need your attention! Flowers, food, attire, vows – there are many elements to creating the perfect day and the more you attend to them in…Read More

Photo Booths

Photo booths are so much fun! The earliest photo booths actually date back to 1898 – the same year the Eiffel Tower opened, and Charlie Chaplin was born. Imagine being alive back then when the first photo booth was introduced at the World’s…Read More


Nfuzion plays a variety of Latin styles: Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia, Bachata, Rock, including Latin Jazz and some American hits that will certainly make your American guests feel at home, too. Depending on the type of the event (Wedding, Corporate, Small Party) we can…Read More

JB & The Showmance Band (Gatsby)

JB & THE SHOWMANCE BAND is a Jazz & Vintage Band covering all the classic music of a bygone era and bringing Old Hollywood back to life. The band exists to preserve the tradition of music from ages past. JB & THE SHOWMANCE…Read More

DJs Get the Party Started

Disc jockeys or DJs are a perfect way to ‘get the party started’. Whether it’s the prom or a promenade, a DJ is trained in getting people up and moving – and enjoying any event. Becoming a disc jockey doesn’t happen overnight! Most…Read More

Music Makes the Event

Music is everywhere. It’s in elevators, integrated into the shows we watch and the programs we listen to on the radio. You can ask Google and Siri to play any type of music your heart desires – no matter how specific it is!…Read More

Focusing on the Background

When planning a corporate event or business function, even though the music is not at the forefront of the event, it can still make or break any event. Whether in your face, or as ambient noise in the background, bad music can make…Read More

Which Band is Best?

So you have decided that you would like a live band to provide music for your event. That is fantastic! It is also the easiest part of the process. Picking a band can be a challenge if you do not already know right…Read More

The Perfect DJ is Just a Click Away

No party is complete without music, and if you want a truly successful party you need the RIGHT music.  You have to know your attendees and what type of music will bring out everyone’s inner party animal.  The folks at Bialek’s Music have…Read More

Choosing Music Based on Style and Location of Event

Music is one of the most important pieces to consider when coordinating a large event.  It can make or break the day, and will often be remembered by those in attendance for years to come.  When picking the music for your event, there…Read More

Wedding Band or DJ?

Spring is upon us, the most beautiful time of year.  The birds and the bees are out and about, love is in the air, so it must also be wedding season.  There are a lot of big decisions that go into planning a…Read More

All the Bells and Whistles

There is a lot of planning and decision making that goes into any event. Whether you are planning a party, wedding, conference or lecture, there are a number of things that need to be considered. It all starts with music, of course, but…Read More

Social Media as a Tool for Event Promotion

If you are in any segment of the event industry, then you are aware that there is a whole new medium for promoting events. Yes, social media manipulation is an important component of ensuring that any occasion is well-attended and memorable. In this…Read More

Why You Should Hire a Talent Agency

Are you planning an event? Perhaps a wedding or special anniversary? You want it to be memorable, but you might be thinking about cutting corners and doing some of the ‘leg work’ yourself. Maybe you have a family member that plays the guitar…Read More

Matching Your Music Needs to Your Event

People love to party! And there are so many reasons to celebrate these days! Weddings, bar mitzvahs, birthdays, holidays, graduations and more. Coming together with loved ones to share in the happiness of a moment is what makes life special and builds memories…Read More

Lights, Cameras, Action!

What is a party without the right mood lighting? Parties are celebrations that should be enjoyed by guests and hosts alike. The right lighting is as important to the overall feel of the occasion as the right food and right outfit! Proper lighting…Read More

The Importance of Lighting for Your Special Event

If you are a professional event planner, or simply organizing an intimate soiree, one of the most important components to consider is the lighting. Lighting provides an ambiance to every occasion and serves as a subtle backdrop that can bring the experience to…Read More

The Advantages of a Live Band

If you are planning an event for which you anticipate a large crowd, then music is one of the important aspects of the occasion you must consider. In this blog we will list some of the advantages of providing live music in the…Read More

DJ Toby Rao/Utobia

DJ Utobia is not merely an event DJ — he is an engaging and dynamic entertainer! Ever since he was a child, he has had a passion for music and sound systems. Building hi-fi stereo systems and electronic devices from scratch, he truly…Read More

Planning a Lecture?

If so, don’t forget the lectern. If you have ever attended an event where an improper pulpit is the centerpiece from which a speech or program is given, then you know how important this single item is! In fact, there is a saying…Read More

Shanta Family Duo

Tiffany Rose is blessed to come from a gifted musical family. Her mother, Gail Shanta, is an accomplished harpist and has been playing in the DC area for over 30 years. Tiffany grew up playing for special occasions with Gail, and they add…Read More

Say ‘Cheese’

One of the latest ideas found at many events is the ‘photo booth’. Once thought to have gone the way of dinosaurs, they are fully back in style. This is true despite the fact that the phone has all but replaced the camera…Read More

Pianist/Vocals Kevin Rose

Washington DC-based vocalist Kevin Rose has been praised as “a performer with skill and confidence, not to mention a gorgeous, clear voice.” A versatile singer, Kevin can shift styles with ease from pop and jazz to musical theater and classical music. This is…Read More

How to Pick the Right DJ

More and more events are calling for the services of a disc jockey to liven up the party. DJs are found at store openings, corporate and business conferences, all-occasion parties from Christmas to birthday parties, balls, graduations, weddings and marketing schemes. It seems…Read More

Bringing Music into Your Life

  Music is such an important part of life. It starts the day you’re born when your mother sings sweet lullabies into your ear, then surrounds you in ordinary and extraordinary ways until the final funeral fugue. Research has shown that music can…Read More

Ring Out

Music lovers, here’s a question to test your musical expertise. Do you know what campanology is? One hint: it’s not music sung around a campfire. If you said bell ringing, pat yourself on the back, you’re a pro. Campanology actually encompasses not just…Read More

Music Education in Public Schools

In addition to learning the ABCs and the three Rs, music education is a beneficial and important part of the curriculum in a child’s education. The importance of music programs is supported by numerous studies. The facts may surprise you. According to the…Read More

Fa-La-La-La-La – The Caroling Tradition

Every year millions of people come together to sing their favorite Christmas carols, but they may not know how the tradition began. Songs sung during pagan Winter Solstice celebrations were sung thousands of years ago. Singing and dancing to celebrate the shortest day…Read More

Jill Parsons

Performing in the entertainment industry is not only my profession, it is my joy. I have worked with top selling artists from the past, performed on cruise ships for a decade, and so much more. My wide range of experience allows me to…Read More

Tickling the Ivories

The genius of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is often associated with the piano, but the brilliant musician and composer actually composed his masterpieces on a harpsichord. The harpsichord and clavichord are the ancestors of what we know today as the piano. The clavichord was…Read More

Ellington Carthan

Ellington Carthan has a rich musical career that consists of teaching, performing, producing, and composing. He performs jazz regularly, accompanies for choirs, soloists, and collaborates with various ensembles. He is self employed as a freelance performer and teacher. Ellington holds a Bachelors of…Read More

Garrett Gleason

Garrett Gleason is an American guitarist, pianist, performer, and songwriter. Raised in Massachusetts, he had music training in his youth at Boston’s Berklee College of Music via yearly summer programs and later through private instruction from faculty Mark White. After obtaining his B.A….Read More

Olé – The Rise of Latin Music

A growing Hispanic population in the U.S. has given way to the rise in popularity of Latin music. Songs with either all Spanish or a combination of Spanish and English lyrics are working their way to the top of record charts across the…Read More

Jeff Hayes

Jeff Hayes has been playing the piano in the metropolitan Washington DC area since the 1980s. He has played solo piano at the area’s finest hotels and clubs. Jeff has played for conventions, fundraisers, and every type of celebration imaginable. Jeff’s repertoire runs…Read More

Jordan Mills

When Jordan was nine, his grandmother bought a baby grand piano. From that point on, Jordan looked forward to visiting his grandmother so that he could sit next to her while she played. Noticing that he had talent and a keen interest, his…Read More

Ro Cube

Ro Cube’s philosophy is simple. Pure entertainment translates into the ultimate party experience with the end goal of everyone having fun! Ro believes everyone should leave satisfied, and he effortlessly engages the client and guests. He has earned a stellar reputation as a…Read More

Spencer Bates

Are you looking for a Band or DJ alternative? Spencer Bates is a DC based singer/pianist/entertainer available for your event! Spencer performs nightly at solo and dueling piano bars across the country. His performances combine musical talent and charisma, and his repertoire includes…Read More

Josh Christina

It’s a path that seemed destined from the start. Born into a musical family, Baltimore-based rockabilly artist, Josh Christina inherited his musical chops from his father (a drummer), his mother (Baltimore-area singer Patti Christina), and his grandmother, who was a big band singer…Read More

Mike Suser

I’ve been a band leader, accompanist and vocalist for 30 years, but playing solo piano is my favorite musical activity, and probably my greatest strength. I love to entertain people and make them feel good when they’re at a party or event. I’ve…Read More

Chris Urquiaga

A multi-faceted singer-songwriter with a smooth voice, Chris Urquiaga’s music combines Latin rhythms, pop, R&B, and more. A native of Silver Spring, Urquiaga attended the prestigious Eastman School of Music, where he had the opportunity to write music of all genres for ensembles…Read More

Is it digital or live?

The quality of music recording has improved exponentially since the days of the Saturday big band radio broadcast. Recording devices and playback technology brought music into nearly every home–and vehicle–from the days of the 8-track tape to cassettes to streaming music. Despite these…Read More

David Bach

A winner of the 2016 Maryland Music Awards “Best Jazz Artist”, Bach’s recording Otherworld, reached #28 in the CMJ National Jazz Chart and #4 in the Canadian Earshot National Jazz Chart. Bach was also invited by the Tucson Jazz Society to perform in…Read More

Tom Saputo

Click to view songlist Tom Saputo had been performing in the Washington DC metro area for over 30 years. He has performed in Top 40, Wedding and Society bands for many years. With thousands of private and public events under his belt, Tom…Read More

Carter Stevens

Carter Stevens is a well rounded pianist experienced in a variety of genres including jazz, classical, funk and rock. He has performed in many settings throughout the Mid Atlantic region. Past performances include the Kennedy Center Millennium Stage, An Die Musik and a…Read More

Gena Photiadis

Gena Photiadis is a pianist in the DC Metropolitan area. In 2011 she graduated from George Mason University with a Bachelors of Music degree with a Concentration in Piano Performance and a Jazz Studies minor. In 2009 she competed in the Schlern International…Read More

Jonathan Tuzman

Pianist and singer Jonathan Tuzman has been a featured performer at piano bars and cabarets throughout the DC area. Jonathan offers a variety of customized musical performance options to suit any party or event. Bring the piano bar to your home for a…Read More

Dehrric Richburg

Dehrric Richburg started playing piano and singing at 3. Being raised in a musical family, I played for many church choirs, and specialty functions. studied music at American V. and Howard U. and have played at most hotels, such as St Regis, Fairmont,…Read More

And the award goes to …

Award shows recognizing the achievements of actors, singers, directors, writers, and many others in the entertainment industry abound year round. They’ve become a part of entertainment itself. Have you ever wondered how and when all these awards came to be? Which one is…Read More

Howie Jung

Howie started piano lessons in Huntington N.Y. at the age of 7. At the age of 9 he started playing trumpet in the school band. Private piano and trumpet lessons continued through High School. In 10th grade Howie joined the High School choir,…Read More

Wayne Wilentz

Wayne Wilentz is a seasoned professional who can come to your house or party venue and provide fun and cool music. If needed he can supply a keyboard and P.A. System. His versatility is legendary. He is extremely well versed in Jazz, Brazilian,…Read More

Roger Hooper

I am a composer, performer, producer and recording artist residing in the Washington, DC area. I scored a PBS program, “Internet Safety 101”, produced by Donna Rice Hughes and Bonnemaison, Inc., that won an Emmy in 2013 in the Instructional/Informational Program/Special category. I’ve…Read More

Violinist Javier Godinez

Jeffrey Greenberg

Jeffrey Greenberg is a jazz pianist based in Reston, Virginia, near Washington, DC. While he has retired from a successful career as a neurological surgeon, music has always been his first love. During college he worked as a drummer on contract with Columbia…Read More

Tickling the Ivories

The genius of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is often associated with the piano, but the brilliant musician and composer actually composed his masterpieces on a harpsichord. The harpsichord and clavichord are the ancestors of what we know today as the piano. The clavichord was…Read More

Yvonne Johnson

When looking for the consummate pianist/vocalist with the right sound and presence, look no further than acclaimed artist-songwriter Yvonne Johnson.  Yvonne has been setting stages on fire for over twenty years with her lavish keyboard and acoustic piano sound. Whether she is playing gospel,…Read More

Dom Petrellese Jazz Band

Dom Petrellese is a professional guitarist, educator, arranger, and booking agent based in Washington DC. As a graduate of Berklee College of Music, he has had the opportunity to perform worldwide as both a bandleader and a sideman with noteworthy names such as…Read More

Which Strings Are Which?

String instruments are used in every musical genre from pop to rock to classical. The notes may be the same, but the sounds can be very different. Even when the instruments look alike, there are important differences. For example, the violin, viola, cello,…Read More

LDE Jazz Collective

The LDE Jazz Collective is a collection of some of DC’s finest young musicians who perform just about any song in a jazzy format. LDE have been playing weddings, Engagement parties, specialty parties, nightclubs, parades, concerts, corporate events and music festivals locally, nationally…Read More

Gypsy Jazz

Capturing the hot swing sound of the 1930’s and 40’s, Gypsy Jazz delivers a driving energy and groove guaranteed to keep any party in full swing. This fabulous ensemble draws inspiration from the gypsy jazz greats such as Django Reinhardt, Stephane Grappelli, and…Read More

Sweet Something

THE BAND This eclectic, DC based Jazz group of diverse musicians seek to soothe your senses. When one musical project ended, these four musicians immediately picked up the pieces and created Sweet Something. It seemed that it was no coincidence these unique, talented…Read More

Dan Gallagher Jazz Band

Daniel Gallagher is a professional jazz and folk musician from Baltimore, Maryland. A multi-instrumentalist, Daniel is known primarily for his jazz bass playing, although he can be found throughout the United States performing on guitar and singing a wide variety of styles and…Read More

The Best Songwriters of the 20th Century – It’s open to debate

Music, like visual art, is very subjective. Gather a group of friends together and ask them who is the best singer, what is the best genre, or what is the best song and there is sure to be a spirited debate. Google “who…Read More

Gabe Wallace

Gabriel Wallace began his professional career as a saxophonist at the age of 16 years old, performing with various groups around Southwest Florida. Gaining firm roots in rock and blues music, Wallace soon gravitated toward the jazz idiom. He began performing regularly with…Read More

The Kevin Rose Duo

Washington DC-based vocalist Kevin Rose has been praised as “a performer with skill and confidence, not to mention a gorgeous, clear voice.” A versatile singer, Kevin can shift styles with ease from pop and jazz to musical theater and classical music. This is…Read More

David Bach Consort

Download songlist here. 2016 MARYLAND MUSIC AWARD for BEST JAZZ ARTIST David Bach is the winner of the 2016 Maryland Music Awards “Best Jazz Artist”, Bach’s recording Otherworld, reached #28 in the CMJ National Jazz Chart and #4 in the Canadian Earshot National…Read More

Cecily Bumbray Vocalist

As a Washington, DC native, growing up immersed in a city synonymous with politics, it seemed like an obvious choice to pursue a career in public service. But at the age of 21, Cecily walked out of her International Relations classroom knowing that…Read More

Tyler Buisch Jazz Group

Tyler Buisch is a professional multi-instrumental performer located in the Baltimore/DC area. He received his bachelors in music on jazz drums from McDaniel College as well as a Master’s of Music in jazz bass performance from the University of Maryland. Tyler can be…Read More

Landon Paddock Jazz Trio

Landon Paddock is a stylish and charming vocalist with a smooth but powerful voice reminiscent of the American Songbook’s great crooners, from Frank Sinatra and Johnny Hartman to Michael Buble and Harry Connick Jr. Landon performs regularly at DC’s top jazz clubs including…Read More

Guys and Doll Trio

Cordial Affair

Cordial Affair, featuring Doug Ross, has traveled an adventurous musical path around the world, from the Caribbean to Asia and all over the U.S. About Doug Ross: After winning awards in high school bands, he was encouraged to head to Hollywood for intensive…Read More

Dave Manley Jazz Group

Dave Manley, Guitarist/Composer/Producer/Educator, has collaborated with major artists from the Neo-Soul, World, and Jazz genres in the United States, Canada, and Europe. He has toured and recorded with artists including: Herbie Hancock, Jill Scott, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Music Soul Child, Jeff Bradshaw, Carrol…Read More

B & B Jazz

View Song List Bhagwan Khalsa, was born in Baltimore, MD. He grew up in DC and Virginia until the age of 12, when he left the states to spend four years of his life in India. After graduating from high school abroad, Bhagwan…Read More

Meredith Seidel Duo

Meredith has become one of the most sought-after performing artists in the greater Washington-Baltimore region. Following an early stint in Hollywood during which she was featured in a national commercial, and after a string of similar experiences-including being offered a spot at the…Read More

Holiday Music: The Classics and New Favorites

Music is as much a part of the holidays as snowmen, candy canes, and gift-giving. Most people look to classics of both religious and popular music, but there’s no shortage of new songs to embrace and include in your holiday repertoire. Artists in…Read More

Eric Felten Orchestra

Eric is “a formidable trombonist” with a “voice smooth enough to merit Connick comparisons,” writes JazzTimes. Critics have compared Eric’s “singing to that of Michael Bublé or Harry Connick,” notes Donald Clarke, author of The Penguin Encyclopedia of Popular Music. “But worthy as those gentlemen…Read More

Barrett Johnson Jazz Group

Barrett Johnson has always wanted one thing. After years of hard work, careful cultivation, and absurd amounts of practice, she finally has everything she needs to achieve her goal. What is that goal, you might ask? to be a star musician. Barrett grew…Read More

Karla Chisholm Jazz Group

Brenda Anderson Jazz Group

This talented contralto has a style distinctively her own. She has graced the stages of several Washington, D.C. hot spots: the Odyssey and Spirit of Washington — two of Washington’s premier dinner cruise ships. She’s also performed at numerous political events, hotels, jazz…Read More

Eric Byrd Trio

For almost two decades,Eric Byrd Trio, pianist/vocalist Eric B, bassist Bhagwan K, and drummer Alphonso Y, Jr., have traveled the world as enthusiastic ambassadors of jazz. Rooted in swing and be-bop, The Trio also embraces gospel and the blues as core elements of…Read More

Cissa Paz Jazz Band

Singer-songwriter Cissa Paz has made a name for herself in Washington, DC as an eclectic performer influenced by the local jazz sounds and her Brazilian African-Indigenous background. Nominated for 3 Wammies, her debut album gained great organic momentum. Cissa’s captivating stage presence and…Read More

Nicole Saphos Jazz Band

For as long as she can remember, jazz bassist and singer-songwriter Nicole Saphos has always gotten lost in the elegant emotionality of The Great American Songbook. Upon graduating from Temple University in 2012, the Los Angeles native relocated to DC, and began her…Read More

Music Trends in 2018

Whether or not you follow music trends, they impact what, where, when, and how you see and listen to your favorite artists. This year is no exception; music in 2018 is going into numerous directions. Read on to get the 411 on the…Read More

Satin Doll Trio

The Satin Doll Trio + Jazz, Swing, Latin, & Ballroom Recordings “a superb recording of some great standards from a really professional jazz ensemble joined at the hip” Barry O’Sullivan BLU FM 89.1 “a thoroughly seductive blend of classic pop and jazz tunes”…Read More

Night & Day

Why is Night & Day the best choice for your event? Because jazz and swing music provide the perfect touch for a classy event, and we’ve been performing this wonderful music for people for two decades. We offer combos from a duo to…Read More

L’Tanya Mari Jazz Group

Well respected on the East Coast as an inventive jazz singer, arranger, songwriter and educator, L’Tanya Mari’s (la-tanya-mar-ee) much-anticipated debut CD as a leader, A Teardrop of Sun is due to be release early 2009. The project is an eclectic mixture of songs…Read More

John Cusick’s Jazz City

Download songlist here John Cusick’s Jazz City is in Washington, D.C., a metropolitan area bristling with live jazz, from the nightclubs of U Street to Georgetown to Old Town Alexandria. It’s the home of Duke Ellington, Blues Alley and the Bohemian Caverns. Where…Read More

Julie Mack Jazz Group

Julie Mack is a versatile vocalist whose repertoire extends from the swinging standards and bittersweet ballads of jazz and the American Songbook to the driving samba rhythms of Brazil. Born in the hip city of Hackensack, New Jersey, where legendary sessions were recorded…Read More

Alexandre Abdoulaev

Alex Abdoulaev is a musicologist, composer, arranger, and Jazz & Classical pianist. Alex is currently a Professor of Music Literature at the University of Delaware, and has been a featured speaker at multiple national and international conferences. In addition to various academic pursuits,…Read More