La Vida Loca

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In the 1990s a Latin singer took the country by storm with his lively version of living a crazy life. The singer was young, good looking and brought people to their feet every time the song was played. In fact, it saturated the air waves and brought an ebullient mood across America. Several other Latin musicians rose in the music charts and became influencers of the music scene at the time as well. No question, Latin music is popular and has become a permanent part of the music landscape in America. Let’s consider Latin music more closely as it may be the right choice for an event you are planning.

Latin America is a group of countries in the Western Hemisphere in which a variety of romance languages are spoken. Geographically it is comprised of 20 countries and 13 dependent territories that stretch from the border of Mexico to the tip of South America and incorporates the Caribbean Islands as well. It’s a huge area – comprising 13% of the Earth’s land surface! So you would expect that it would influence all aspects of culture – from food to music and more.
Latin music is actually highly diverse. Most Americans are comfortable with Latin pop – pop-oriented music written in Spanish or Tejano. The latter encompasses a variety of styles from ballads to narratives and can be accompanied by a large number of background instruments. Dancing is also an integral part of the Latin music experience. Salsas, sambas, bossa novas and more are the result of Latin music challenging itself to grow and change, as well as mixing with other cultures including America.
So you might be asking yourself what would be an appropriate event to book a Latin music band and you would be surprised at the response. Latin music is especially fitting for a lively wedding reception or other type of upbeat party event. But it is no longer limited to these types of experiences. No, today you can find Latin bands playing at corporate events, clubs and even concert venues as America continues to embrace this unique musical format. Many events now throw in a few simple Latin dance moves to get the crowd involved.
And remember, you do not have to limit yourself to Latin bands as Latin musicians and instrumentalists can be found in all areas of music.
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