Music to Sooth The Savage Mood

Everyone is busy. We’re connected to family, friends, business associates, friends of friends, and people who want to be friends, 24-hours a day. No wonder stress and stress-related diseases are on the rise. It seems as if no one has time to unplug and just relax. There are

Hiring The Right DJ For Your Event

DJ, music, band, entertainmentThe soul of any great party or event is the music. The options for music range from a single musician, to a singing group, to a professional DJ and beyond. If live music isn’t within

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How to Find the Perfect Venue

Whenever you plan an event, perhaps the most important decision is where to hold it. Regardless of the type of event, there are some basic considerations that will make your planning easier and your event successful.


If your event is local, you

Celebrate Graduation Season

Whether it’s high school or college, graduation is an occasion to celebrate. This milestone signifies both the end of one phase of life and the beginning of another. Final exams are over, the last paper has been turned in, and it’s time to walk. And, after the pomp

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Smile For The Camera

music, entertainment. weddings, eventsDid you know that the first photo booth dates back to the 1890s? One of the first photo booths was installed in 1925 on Broadway in New York City and within the first six months, 280,000

Make Your Wedding Swing

If you’re not a traditional kind of couple, consider a theme wedding. How about considering a swing wedding? Whether you’re a newbie to swing or a retro enthusiast, stepping back to the 1940s big band era can make your day to remember even more memorable.


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In The Spotlight

When planning an event, one thing that is often overlooked is lighting. Professional lighting is often associated only with photography or video production, but the right lighting can make an event stand out. The choices are only limited by your imagination. Think about events you’ve attended, your

How To Choose The Best Music For Your Next Party

A party is a stale one without some good music. Whether you’re hosting a birthday party, a holiday get-together, or a casual Friday night bash, you need to have the right music. Here are some tips that will make your next party a better one.

How To Choose Appropriate Music For A Business Convention

You looked through your playlist and you’re embarrassed by it. You realized that the music is too sexually suggestive or immature for your event. Not sure what’s the best music for your event? This guide will show how to choose the right music.


How To Book An Independent Artist For Your Next Event

An independent artist is a great way to liven up an event. Live music is better than listening to a pre-made playlist since it can get the crowd going. But booking an artist can be costly too.

If you’re planning an event, then you

Band VS DJ – Which One Should You Have At Your Next Wedding

Many couples have a hard time deciding on hiring a band versus a DJ for their wedding. But some couples prefer having a live musician for the ceremony, then having a DJ take over for the dinner. If you’re still debating the pros and cons for a

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Why You Should Hire A DJ For Your Next Corporate Event

You have an important event coming up. Whether it’s a convention or a corporate event, you need to keep your guests entertained. A DJ or sound engineer is someone you should consider at your next event. Here are some reasons why you should hire one for your

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Why Music Is So Important At Events And Parties

You’re either planning a party or event and you want to choose the right music for your guests. Having the right music isn’t one of the only ways to have fun, but to celebrate something you all enjoy doing together. Planning an event is not always

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Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Get A Photo Booth At Your Wedding

While planning your wedding, it’s important to keep a few things in mind. You need to find the right venue, have the right food, and hire a professional photographer. But what you may not have considered yet will bring some fun at the reception. You haven’t gotten

How To Use Music To Reduce Your Anxiety

Music does more than make you dance and bring people together. It also affects your brain. No matter if it’s fast or slow, music can have a huge impact on our minds. The effects of music have been tirelessly studied by scientists for years. Music can change

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Last Song Syndrome: Why Songs Get Stuck In Your Head

Many people experience the so-called last Earworms syndrome. This happens when songs like “I Will Survive” and “Bohemian Rhapsody” have been playing on an unending loop in your head. A psychologist revealed why some songs get stuck in our brain.


Earworms, the catchy piece of music

Music Can Ease Physical Pain

Researchers have found evidence showing that music can increase levels of endorphins in the body and increase the body’s threshold for pain.

What Are Endorphins?

Endorphins are neurotransmitters, or natural opiates, that transmit signals from one neuron to another. The release of these

Music Can Make Men Look More Attractive

Findings of a new research study have shown that women find men more sexually attractive after listening to emotional, romantic music.

Music And Attraction

Researchers from the University of Vienna in Austria investigated the effect of music on sexual attraction. They wanted to

Why We Love Music

Not many people pause to think about how music affects their lives on a daily basis but most will agree that music is a powerful force in their lives. Here are five of the reasons why people love music:

Music Helps You Express Your Feelings

Your Musical Taste Can Reveal How Empathetic You Are

Findings of a study conducted by a group of psychologists from the University of Cambridge have revealed that a person’s empathy is associated with his or her taste in music.

The Psychology Of Music Preference

The researchers, who published their study in the

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This Is Why Listening To Music Can Make You Happy

Findings of a study have revealed that people love music for much the same reason why they are drawn to gambling, drugs, and delicious food. Researchers of the study found that your brain releases dopamine when you listen to or anticipate hearing the music that you like.


Can Music Increase Empathy?

Listening to music provides healing to patients with physical ailments. It appears though that there is much more that music can do.

Music is known to activate many areas of the brain, including those that are involved in how we understand what others think and

Can Music Heal?

Many people have a strong connection to music. Even for those who sing out of tune and those who can’t play an instrument, certain songs can evoke memories and raise the spirits. Now experts are tapping into other benefits of music, particularly its role in healing. Here

Tips For Hosting The Perfect Christmas Party

Preparation, presentation and the right choice of attire are among the key things to remember if you want to throw a perfect Christmas party. Here are some holiday party preparation tips for hostesses who want to host an unforgettable holiday event:

Dress Up

Tips For Booking Entertainment For Holiday Events

Christmas is the time for festivities and parties, and the right entertainment can transform your event from ordinary to unforgettable. Here are some tips to remember when booking entertainment for your holiday events:

Book Early

The main reason to book your Christmas

How To Plan For A Perfect Corporate Christmas Party

The Christmas party is typically the event of the year that celebrates the success and accomplishments of a business or organization. Here are some tips for organizing the best possible Christmas bash for your team:

Come Up With A Realistic Budget

One of

Here’s Why Company Events Are Essential To Your Business

Company events are often one of the first items that get removed from the budget list when companies need to save money. Many think that company events are not necessary and are least noticeable when removed but they are actually more than just fun times for the

Tips For Hosting A Great Party

Everyone enjoys going to a party but hosting parties is a different thing. If you’re hosting a gathering at your home and are at a loss on where to start, here are some tips to help you plan, create and host a fabulous event.


Choosing Entertainment For A Company Party

To have a great company party, organizers have to consider the purpose, budget and the people who will attend the event. Knowing the objective, the attendees and the resources available will help you choose the right entertainment that aligns with your goals.

Purpose Of The

How To Choose The Right Date For Your Event

Choosing the right day for an event is not as easy as it may seem. It involves more than just picking a particular day in the calendar. Some of the overlooked things may have big impact on the odds of the event’s success. Take the following things

Hosting An Event With Live Music

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You need to address several issues if you’re hosting an event with live music. Here are some considerations to keep in mind when hosting an event with live musicians:

Size Of Venue And Number Of Guests

Consider the size of the performance area

5 Ways To Impress Your Wedding Reception Guests

Wedding receptions have become increasingly elaborate these days. Couples who plan to tie the knot want to make their big day unique and special enough that guests will find it unforgettable.  Fortunately, it does not take much effort to make your wedding celebration one of a kind.

Finding The Perfect Live Band For Your Wedding

If you’ve decided to get a live band for your wedding, you will eventually realize that there are many bands out there willing to perform at your wedding reception. Before you get overwhelmed by the number of choices you have, here are some tips that can help

Key Things To Remember When Planning Corporate Events

Organizing a corporate event is not as easy as planning for a backyard party. Corporate events involve a larger number of participants, which means thorough preparation is necessary to ensure the success of the event.

While each event has a particular set of requirements and

Tips On Hiring A DJ For Your Event

A DJ can make or break a special event so people planning to hire one should choose wisely. Here are some things to consider when hiring a DJ to host your next event:


Hiring someone new in the industry may not

Music For Alcoholics And Drug Addicts

A growing number of progressive and holistic centers now turn to music to help people with unhealthy dependence on drugs and alcohol.

Treating Alcoholics And Drug Addicts With Music

Beth Clark, a music therapist and clinical counselor who has worked with addicts,

Live Music For Corporate Events

Music is an essential tool for corporate events. Playing a continuous soundtrack from a playlist can be an option but live music is more impressive for corporate parties and networking events.

Live music at corporate events suggests a level of sophistication.  Here are some

Live Band For Your Wedding

Wedding bands have become increasingly popular among couples tying the knot. Live music on a wedding day can create a concert atmosphere that can make the occasion truly unforgettable. Here are some of the things couples need to consider when hiring a live band for their wedding.

Dance Music Can Help Boost Immune System

Listening to music can help boost the immune system’s ability to fight diseases. Researchers have found that dance music, in particular, can help improve the body’s line of defense against disease-causing bacteria and viruses.

Dance Music Boosts Body’s Antibody And Stress Hormone Levels

Why the Music Business Matters

Many of the richest nations use public funds to develop a home grown musical culture and to nurture local talent. The costs are often paid by federal funds, arts councils, personal donations, or cultural grants that focus on supporting traditional cultural endeavors in the fine arts areas