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Photo booths are so much fun! The earliest photo booths actually date back to 1898 – the same year the Eiffel Tower opened, and Charlie Chaplin was born. Imagine being alive back then when the first photo booth was introduced at the World’s Fair in Paris. With photo capabilities at your finger tips 24/7, many people don’t realize the amount of entertainment a photo booth can still provide.

There are so many different styles of photo booths today and you can find them in some of the most interesting places! Sometimes they are tucked into the corner of a mall, and you might even find them at movie theaters. But they are a great addition to any planned event, from a wedding to a hoe-down or a black-tie affair to an anniversary party. The Tower Photo Booth is the most modern addition to the line of different types of photo booths. It is very modern while also being portable and light-weight. It even folds for easier carrying.

Perhaps the most interesting addition to this futuristic looking photo booth is that it includes the capability to email and text your photos and even upload photos to social media – a real social media device! The side panels are multi-colored LED lights with a remote with ‘custom color powder coating’.

As if all of these features are not enough to get you excited about including a photo booth at your next event, this one also includes a ‘green screen’! Green screens add to the fun of any event. They are used in films and video and are exactly as they sound. A green screen is a green background where objects can move in front of it and then a separate background is added. Additionally, the photo booth is video and GIF capable – making it seem like the possibilities for creating unique and amusing images are endless! Moreover, it gives you the opportunity to feel like a professional photographer so let your imagination run wild!
So, if you are planning a special event consider including a photo booth from Bialek’s Music. It may be just the little something extra that will make everyone’s experience memorable.

And, remember, if you are planning any type of soiree, be sure to contact the event specialists at Bialek’s Music. We have access to musicians, DJ’s, and more…and we have two decades of experience making event dreams come true.