Britney Spears Concert Delays Election

What’s most important, a political election or a highly anticipated live concert?

In the case of a Britney Spears concert in Israel, it wasn’t even close. According to a report in an Israeli newspaper Haaretz Britney Spears’ July concert in Tel Aviv conflicted with the Labor Party’s leadership vote. The election was originally scheduled to take place on the same day the concert adjacent to the park where Spears was to appear.

The biggest issue was whether there was enough security available to work both events during the Labor primary. Many guards were already booked to work at the Spears event. According to a Haaretz article, a source admitted “some consideration for the party faithful who want to vote in the primary and also watch Britney do her thing”.

So in a sort of “guns or roses” issue, the election was delayed so the concert could have it guards.  

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