Can Music Heal?

Many people have a strong connection to music. Even for those who sing out of tune and those who can’t play an instrument, certain songs can evoke memories and raise the spirits. Now experts are tapping into other benefits of music, particularly its role in healing. Here are some cases that show the healing benefits of music therapy:

Easing Discomfort And Anxiety During Surgical Procedures

In clinical trials involving patients having knee surgery, cardiac angiography or colonoscopy procedures, researchers found that those who listened to music prior to their operation experienced less anxiety and needed less sedatives during the procedure.

They also found that patients who listened to music while in the operating room had less discomfort during procedures. Researchers likewise observed that those who listened to music in the recovery room required less opioid medication to ease physical pain.

Restoring Lost Speech

Music can benefit people who are recovering from traumatic brain injury or a stroke that damaged the left region of the brain involved in speech. Singing ability originates from the right side of the brain so patients can work around the injury to the other side of the brain by singing their thoughts before gradually dropping the melody. Former U.S. Representative Gabby Giffords took advantage of this technique so she could testify before a Congressional committee, two years after her brain was wounded by a gunshot which affected her ability to speak

Reducing Unwanted Side Effects Of Cancer Therapy

Listening to music can reduce the anxiety linked to radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Researchers also found that music can help quell nausea and vomiting in patients who undergo cancer treatment.

Aiding Pain Relief

In studies that tested patients experiencing pain, researchers found that music therapy can reduce pain perception, relieve depression and reduce the amount of pain medication. Researchers also found that listening to music gives patients a sense of having better control over their pain.

Improve Quality Of Life Of Dementia Patients

Music can also improve the quality of life for those suffering from dementia. The ability to engage with music is still intact late into the disease progression so music can evoke memories, assist in communication and improve patients’ physical coordination.

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