Celebrate Graduation Season

Whether it’s high school or college, graduation is an occasion to celebrate. This milestone signifies both the end of one phase of life and the beginning of another. Final exams are over, the last paper has been turned in, and it’s time to walk. And, after the pomp and circumstance of the actual graduation ceremony, there’s sure to be a party.

Beyond the traditional graduation theme of mortarboard caps and tassels, the sky’s the limit. Here are a few graduation party ideas to help you get started. 

Backyard Carnival

Create your own carnival and have some fun in your own backyard. Decorations can be simple, such as colorful paper swags and banners, or as elaborate as carnival tents and booths. Set up a popcorn bar with different flavorings and rent a cotton candy machine. Add a few games and you’re ready to go.

Be A Kid In A Candy Store

Did you ever dream of tables and tables of your favorite candy, free for the taking? Make the dream a reality and set out candy of every kind. Use candy decorations and include goodie bags for everyone to take home.

Pool Party!

Always a classic. Throw some blow-up floats into the pool, break out the drinks and food, and you have an automatic party. Cook up some burgers and hot dogs or go more sophisticated with a buffet. Whether you’re leaving high school or a new college grad, a pool party is a sure winner.

Whatever theme you choose, you can’t have a graduation party without music. Bialek’s Music can set you up with a band, a DJ, a guitarist, or pianist. We represent a variety of talent and can help you find the best choice for your graduation celebration. Go to www.bialeksmusic.com/and fill out our online form or call us anytime at (301) 340-6206 in the Washington DC area, or at (410) 484-7978 in the Baltimore area to set up an appointment. And, don’t forget to ask us about our photo booths!

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