Choosing Entertainment For A Company Party

To have a great company party, organizers have to consider the purpose, budget and the people who will attend the event. Knowing the objective, the attendees and the resources available will help you choose the right entertainment that aligns with your goals.

Purpose Of The Event

Corporate events have to be fun but the expense needs to be justified by the goals the company wants to achieve. What’s the primary objective of the party? Is it a networking event where employees show off the company’s products to prospective clients? Is it meant to convey the corporate culture to workers and build stronger and connected teams? These two different purposes call for different types of events.

You should also think ahead if the gathering will be a sit down or a move around event. Will people arrive and take a seat or will they move and mingle with others? The decision about how stationary people will be at the event will largely depend on the goals of the party. A networking event, for instance, calls for people to be on their feet and roam around to meet other people.


Knowing the budget allows you to evaluate the kind of celebration that you are going to have. Consider the amount of money allocated for the event and then divide it by the number of people you estimate to arrive. In a survey of business owners, average companies allocate about $75 per person for these events.


How many people are you expecting to be at the event? Knowing the size of the audience is important in choosing the right entertainment. Some performances are best for small spaces and few faces while others are best for a large crowd.

You may have to check the data on the number of people who attended a similar company event in the past to know how many people will likely be there. You can also tap into Facebook Events so you can easily survey people about their likelihood of attending the party. You should also consider if there will be children at the event.  Many activities would be out of bounds if kids will be present.

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