Choosing Music Based on Style and Location of Event

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Music is one of the most important pieces to consider when coordinating a large event.  It can make or break the day, and will often be remembered by those in attendance for years to come.  When picking the music for your event, there are many details that factor into the decision-making process.  The music will set the tone for the event, but things like the size and design of the space, whether it is indoors or outdoors, and how the acoustics respond in the space will set the tone for the type of music you need.  No matter what the event, Bialek’s Music has the proper choice, be it a band or DJ and they have the experts to help you make the right choice.

When deciding on the music for your event, the experts at Bialek’s Music will help you look at a number of variables in making your decision.  The type of event you are planning is going to be the first factor – the music for a wedding, birthday, or anniversary party needs to be different than that of a business function or convention.  Some events will be music centric, where dancing and singing is the focal point of the party, while other events will be more focused on your ability to converse and mingle with the other event goers.  In this situation, music needs to be more of a background piece than a focal point.

The location of the event is key, as well.  If you are planning an outdoor event, a live band may be the best way to go because they sound amazing outdoors.  That does not mean that you cannot use a live band indoors, or a DJ or string quartet outdoors.  The acoustics of the venue are very important to how the music will sound.  How central the music is to the purpose of your event plays into the physical location also.  Indoor venues have better acoustics and are better for music centric events, while outdoor events are great for using the music as ambient background.

Using the type of event and your venue as deciding factors for the type of music at the event are just two of many thoughts that need to be taken into consideration throughout the planning process.  Bialek’s Music is prepared and read to equip your function with the perfect music and lighting needed to make sure it will be an event to remember.  For more information or for booking, please visit

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