Choosing Music Is Serious Business

music, events,Corporate eventEven though businesses today are cutting back on expenditures, many still throw summer company events. When planning your company’s celebration, think out of the box. The choices for music are almost endless.

The String is the Thing

For the cocktail hour, hire a string quartet, a cellist, violinist, or guitarist to serenade guests. String instruments span music genres and are a nice change from recorded music or a DJ spinning top 40. Other options are banjos, mariachi bands, and harpists.

Brass Band

You don’t need the seventy-six trombones like the “Music Man,” but you might want to consider a brass band. The history of brass bands in America stretches back to the mid-nineteenth century. Think New Orleans for a one-of-a-kind experience. There’s no better sound, and it’s sure to get people tapping their feet and moving to the music.

Piano Bar

Instead of just an open bar, go full on with a piano bar with a pianist singing, playing, and accepting requests. Whether you want a sophisticated formal feel, big band, or top 40, a pianist is a great way to entertain and invite guests to get involved. Just remember, dancing on the piano isn’t recommended.


If live music is within your party budget, a band is another great choice. Think about the size of the location and how many musicians you can accommodate. The music genre is, of course, the other consideration, but the choices are plentiful. If you want a group that will include the audience, take requests, or has a unique style, think about Celtic music, old-time country, or swing.

Unique Instruments

One more option to consider is finding a musician who plays an unusual instrument. Not necessarily a one-man-band, but bagpipes, steel drums, the Indian Sitar, or a pan flute. Think about the music of different cultures: African, Jamaican, Asian – Japanese, Chinese, or Vietnamese. Every country has a unique sound and history that can make your company’s celebration a multicultural experience.

The bottom line is whatever your musical taste or whatever mood you’re trying to create, the experts at Bialek’s Music are ready to help you create an event that will resonate throughout your business industry, and make your employees feel they’ve been at a first-class event. Call us anytime at 301-340-6206 in the Washington DC area, or at 410-484-7978 in the Baltimore area to set up an appointment.

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