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Disc jockeys or DJs are a perfect way to ‘get the party started’. Whether it’s the prom or a promenade, a DJ is trained in getting people up and moving – and enjoying any event.

Becoming a disc jockey doesn’t happen overnight! Most successful disc jockeys go to a school that trains them how to use the technology and machines. They learn about the different types of music and how to mix them, sometimes with lights and other extras to create a special mood that ensures people are having a good time.

Some disc jockeys specialize in certain types of events. For instance, sock hops and senior dances require a certain finesse to get older people to mix, get up and move and have a good time. For the most part Katy Perry and rap would not be appropriate for the older crowd. However, go to a middle school dance and this is the very type of music that would be expected.

Other examples of disc jockeys include working as a bar and club DJ, a mobile DJ who brings along the equipment like decks and lights, producer/artist DJs who make and play their own music, those who are expert at certain skills such as spinning the turntable, and DJs who work on the radio but also hire out for special events.

So, disc jockeys who want to be successful and make a lot of money should become schooled in meeting the needs of a variety of different clients. Of course, disc jockeys that get a name and reputation for providing excellent service and an experience to be remembered are likely to get more jobs and be able to charge higher fees.

DJs are usually competent in working with a variety of formats as well. For example, many have returned to the age-old favorite – vinyl. Others will count on Rekordbox, either the free or paid version, Traktor, Serato or other programs that require you to bring along your laptop.

Some disc jockeys never go to school. Instead they pick up their talent by apprenticing with an experienced DJ or even watching YouTube to learn the skills.

If you are thinking about hiring a disc jockey for your next event, contact the professionals at Bialek’s Music. We specialize in filling all your music needs…and yes we take requests!

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