D.J. Alkamist

DJ Alkimist decided to pursue DJing after realizing that her passion for combining musical elements was just as strong for her academic passion for science and biology. Playing with her first name (Kim) and the scientific term alchemy, she created her musical persona: DJ Alkimist. And her mixes are pure gold.

Originally trained as a classical violist, Alkimist’s firm grasp of music theory allows her to create seamless transitions between songs as diverse as a 60′s pop hit and a house-inspired club remix. She loves to stretch her limits, and is happy to work with couples to understand their specific musical profile. “I will play exactly what a couple wants – if they want to get specific, that’s great, but even if they just communicate the feel they are going for, I can create an entire playlist based on that vibe.”

Alkimist’s keen ear and effortless DJ style are quickly earning her the distinction of being one of DC’s rising DJ stars.