Antonio Ernesto

“The day you get married is one of the most important days of your life. It’s a very personal day of commitment and celebration.

Music is a very personal part of the festivities. Having the right music is essential in setting the mood and bringing out the best atmosphere as two families come together to celebrate. Whether you like top 40, latin, hip hop or oldies, my job is to ensure the music is perfect on your big day.”

– DJ Antonio Ernesto


“Antonio did such a great job making sure our wedding reception was perfect! He was very attentive and professional! He did a great job playing a variety of music that all our guests enjoyed and even had some fun surprises for us to make out night extra special.”

– Claudia & Brendan Tumulty

“My wife and I contacted Antonio for our wedding this past September. The process was easy, first Antonio set up a meeting with us to go over his different packages. He asked us what kind of music we liked and what kind of music we didn’t like. He also worked with our wedding coordinator to have the whole entire wedding scheduled. In the end we didn’t have to worry about anything. He had the whole schedule memorized and played all the music we liked. DJ Antonio was very professional the entire time. I will recommend him to all my friends and family.”

– Karen & Andres Calderon

“My wedding guests and I had such a great time because we had such an amazing DJ. Before the wedding, Antonio had asked for some of my favorite songs so that he could get an idea of what to play that day. When it came to our reception, he played all my songs, plus took requests from guests. It showed he had knowledge of all types of music and how prepared he was. I highly recommend him!”

– Natalie & Deniz Luft

“I’ve known Antonio for a few years now and in college he would always DJ for mine and friends birthday parties. He always got the party started and kept it going all night long! Last year, when I got engaged to marry my now husband, I knew right away that Antonio had to DJ my wedding reception. He was great to work with and he let us choose the type of songs we wanted, especially for the first dances and cake cutting. He even took requests from our guests during the night. From the moment the music started everyone– kids, uncles, and friends alike– all started dancing! We danced until the end of the night and the music truly made it a perfect day to remember for the rest of our lives. I would recommend him for anyone’s wedding. He is very professional and goes above and beyond to make it the best. It will be just as you want it and your wedding guests will have the time of their lives.”

– Giselle & Nick Ford

“I was set to get married in September, and I knew I wanted DJ Antonio Ernesto as my DJ. When we met months prior to that, he was very professional and wanted to make sure we covered everything. He answered all the questions we had for him and we felt more and more comfortable with having him DJ our reception. He made sure to follow up with as the big day came closer to make sure we didn’t have any other questions. I had a special request for our first dance, and Antonio made sure to have it ready, despite his busy schedule. I was very content with what he did for us and so did everybody there. Our wedding reception was amazing, thanks to Antonio. He was our DJ and wedding planner for the day, and I want to thank him for the extra effort he put it for us. Many DJ’s iv’e seen at my friends’ weddings didn’t go above and beyond like Antonio did. I would highly recommend him to everybody!”

-Arianna & Ryan Sweeney