Aaron Platt

Aaron Platt is One of DC’s Most Sought After DJs

Aaron is a high end DJ who has worked all over the DC and Northern Virginia area.

He began to DJ in 1995, performing at countless clubs and bars in Atlanta to help

support his music career as a bass player. Aaron’s love of music began in high school

playing bass in jazz band. That led to performing with local bands and studying jazz

in college. He played bass in many recording studio sessions for artists. For example

he played on the first solo record by DJ Hurricane of the Beastie Boys. In 2000, the

Indigo Girls signed Aaron’s band to their record label producing two records. The

band toured with the Indigo Girls as an opening act throughout 2000. Aaron

continues to perform at clubs and bars in the Washington D.C. area to this day.

Although since 2001 he has focused on dejaying for weddings and corporate events,

and has performed for well over 1000 private occasions.

Aaron offers his clients:

 Class, sophistication and professionalism of an MC

 Passion, knowledge of music, and talent of a Musician

 Experience, personality, and enthusiasm of a DJ

 Personal attention, trustworthiness, and flexibility

 Provides only the best top of the line professional equipment

Aaron knows how to calmly guide you through the many decisions that must be

made in the planning of your special occasion. Timing and flow is key to the success

of a great event. Music brings it alive.

 He is familiar with venues ranging from the Smithsonian museums, the Hay

Adams, the Fairmont, and the Georgetown Ritz, as well as many of the

Virginia Wineries. He can help you optimize your experience for any venue.

 Aaron has performed frequently when VIPs such as Supreme Court Justices

or high-end political figures and celebrities from the entertainment world or

press are in attendance.

 Aaron is well versed in multicultural weddings such as Latin, Greek and


 Extremely detail oriented. Works side by side with other vendors to ensure

events are executed as planned by the client.

Planning is one thing, executing and performing is quite another. Aaron will ensure

your event will be a BIG success and will be memorable for years to come.


“We used Aaron as our DJ, and he was so great to work with. He kept things so

easy. We met with him in person about a week and a half before the wedding and

walked through everything for the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception. He made

us feel so at ease, and the music was definitely something I had anxiety about

throughout the planning process (I love dancing and was so worried that nobody

would dance at our wedding!). His manner was so clam though, and I was

immediately reminded at our meeting that we would be in great hands. I thought I

would want to dictate everything to our DJ, but he made me feel so calm that we

basically told him to just do his thing. And I’m so glad we did! People danced the

whole night (and our wedding didn’t end until midnight), and we had so many

compliments on how great the music was from a wide range of ages of people. He

tries to blend in to the wedding and doesn’t talk unless you want him to or for the

announcements (i.e. time for cake cutting,etc.). We were so so pleased with him!

Moreover, I’d had this longtime dream of doing a fun father/daughter dance at my

wedding in the style of the Evolution of Dance video. So I chose clips from about 10

songs to have put together. This was amazing since it meant so much to me, and

the father/daughter dance was a HUGE hit at our wedding. I’m so thankful for

everything Aaron did to make our wedding so wonderful! I absolutely recommend


(Wedding Wire)

“We had Aaron DJ our wedding. The sound quality was amazing. This was super

important to us because we’ve known people who were married at our venue (a

large, marble covered museum) and we’ve been warned that sound quality can be

terrible – many people said that they couldn’t hear anything during

ceremony/speeches, and we wanted to avoid that. Well, huge success on that front. 

Additionally Aaron CRUSHED IT as a DJ. My husband and I were very free about

the playlist, and I was AMAZED by how well Aaron kept everyone dancing. I don’t

think I’ve ever seen a wedding with such a packed lively dance floor. Worth every


(Wedding Wire)

“Our DJ was Aaron. And I am SOOO happy that we chose you guys!! 

We met with Aaron over the phone before the wedding and talked about everything

for the wedding! He was so helpful with choosing songs or how things should work. I

was a little nervous (like everyone is) that having a DJ would be cheesy or they

would say/play goofy stuff, but Aaron was THE BEST. He knows what he is doing,

nothing cheesy or weird at all. He has DJ-ing down to a science. Everyone was out

on the dance floor the minute that he started playing music. I got complements about

him all night!! 

We had him introduce the wedding party and right before we were announced he

came to make sure we were all ready to go and lined up. He double checked with

everyone that he had their name right. And at the last minute the groom and my

parents decided they wanted to be announced along with us. And with no hesitation

at all Aaron was on it and our parents were announced! He was so open to


We did have a little timing problem (which was my fault) between the venue and

Aaron, but everything was fixed and ran perfectly! You never would have known!! 

Thank you Aaron for making that night so perfect!! The things we cared about the

most (first dance, our last song, and the father/daughter and mother/son dance)

were all perfect. I kept seeing reviews from other DJ company’s that DJs would

mess those up, but you did everything wonderfully. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! “

Xenya and Dylan Poole

(Wedding Wire)

“Aaron Platt did a great job as our DJ. He was so easy to work with and adapted to

our Hindu ceremony music requests so well.“

(Wedding Wire)

“Aaron was our DJ for the wedding and he did an incredible job both at the wedding

and the months leading up. He helped plan the entire night and kept us on schedule

as well. Plus the music was fantastic. It was a perfect evening and Aaron was

definitely a big part of that.”

(Wedding Wire)

“Every aspect of our experience was outstanding. Our meeting with our DJ, Aaron,

was held at a convenient time and location for us, and he arrived very well prepared

– completely warm and friendly, but also completely professional and efficient. We

couldn’t have asked for a better DJ during our wedding – Aaron did a beautiful job!

Fortunately, we did not have any unexpected “surprises” during the ceremony or

reception, but we knew that if we did, Aaron would be more than capable of

gracefully handling them. We would recommend him to anyone looking for an

experienced, elegant DJ – absolutely worth every penny.”

(Wedding Wire)

“We still receive compliments on the playlist. Aaron was our DJ, and he totally

understood the sound/vibe that we wanted to convey. He met with us beforehand,

and had great suggestions along the way. The music was the most important aspect

of our wedding,( to us), and I am very happy that we chose him.”

(Wedding Wire)

“Aaron was AWESOME. Showed up on time, professional and everyone loved the

choices of music he made. At the reception, many people told me they would have

never hired a DJ in the past – until now because of their experience of hearing what

Aaron did! I am so glad we worked with you. His abilities made the night go so

smoothly. Great job!”

(Wedding Wire)

“Our DJ was Aaron, and he was awesome! My husband and I over an hour away

from DC so all our planning with Aaron was over the phone and email. I was really

worried about the music because I knew our guests liked a wide variety of stuff so I

made Aaron a really thorough list of what we wanted to hear and what we didn’t

want to hear. Our playlist included country (including some Texas country not heard

on the radio), hits from today, oldies, traditional wedding dance songs, 80’s, and

classic rock/jam rock. We felt like the classic rock was hard to dance to so we played

it during cocktail hour and dinner. It was different, but everyone who knew my

husband, knew that was his input and loved it! Aaron did a great job of working it in

during dinner with some of the more traditional songs typically played then too.

During the dance, he just played a rockin’ mix music; no cheesy games. Our cocktail

hour and dinner/dance were in separate spaces, but the transition was seamless,

and the sound quality in both areas was great. For the introduction of the bridal

party, I had my uncles on the microphone, but Aaron said he would say whatever

you wanted about each person, and he’s excellent on the microphone. During the

planning Aaron did a great job of helping us with the schedule for the reception, and

it was really spot on. We did the toasts, cake cutting, and garters, at the time we

planned on. The announcements for all those things were short and sweet. There

was no rambling, and he was very, very professional. Bottom line, if I need a DJ for a

future event, I will call Aaron again. Only next time, I won’t even bother with the

detailed list I had this time. I will just give him a big picture idea and let him do his

thing, because he knows what he’s doing, and does a fabulous job!”
“My wedding planner recommended Aaron Platt to be our personal DJ for the

wedding and I couldn’t have asked for a more responsive DJ. He gave us lists of

song choices during our first meeting with him and those helped to give us a sense

of the songs to choose for the various ritual dances. But the best service was of

course during the wedding… Aaron was impeccable in his ability to politely organize

the crowd for the various activities such as ready them for the first dance or the cake

cutting… We had a special dance for our parents after the traditional ones and then

an unexpected moment where my husband’s grandmother came to dance with him.

Aaron was quick to put on an Etta James song that made it seem to everyone that

we’d planned for such a dance. His song choices for the night of dancing were

perfect with a Gaga compilation thrown into the mix that I’d never heard before but

thought was amazing.

I couldn’t rank Aaron Platt any higher. He is so easy to work with and he delivers

what you want on the day of the wedding.”

(Wedding Wire)