Brennan Sullivan

Recognized as a versatile and dynamic entertainer, Brennan has been featured in Martha Stewart Weddings and The Knot and has received more 5 Star reviews on Wedding Wire from his clients than any other DJ in the region. In addition to wedding receptions, he has played for everything from small private parties to large corporate functions, and brings nearly 15 years of experience to bear.

From a young age, Brennan has been an avid enthusiast of dance music and stays current on what’s hot (and what’s not) through following the local club scene. This knowledge of music and a strong musical ear (honed through years as trombone player in a jazz band) combined with an instinctive ability to ‘read the crowd’, ensures packed dance floors at his events.

Brennan is always looking for creative ways to present music to guests, and has developed the ability to mix and transition smoothly between songs and genres. And, knowing not only what to play, but when to play it, is one of the key things that sets him apart from other DJs. For those clients who want a twist on current hits, Brennan can work in some mash-ups and remixes as well!

A theater-trained actor, Brennan has worked in numerous live productions, and brings a strong, polished stage presence to his events (but NOT overbearing!) As an MC, he has a smooth and clear, radio-quality voice (but NOT cheesy!) In fact, he prefers to be more low-key and ‘in the background’ once the formalities are done, letting the music speak for itself.

Brennan’s ability to adapt to different settings– -knowing when to get the crowd into it and when to dial it back and let the music take over– -are all part of his dynamic approach to each event. In addition to adjusting his MC’ing level, he is meticulous in sending clients forms to help them plan out all the particulars of their event well in advance.

By working with each client to plan things like the speech order, special dances, and music selection, Brennan is prepared so that things will run smoothly on the event date. This level of detail ensures that even clients without an event planner will feel comfortable knowing that he is ‘on the ball’. On the day-of, Brennan works in tandem with the vendor team to keep things running smoothly.

In short, Brennan’s:

 Enthusiasm

 Knowledge of music

 Commitment to excellence

have set him apart as a leading DJ talent in the Washington, DC, area!

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Brennan’s comfort level in such diverse settings has earned him the respect of his peers and the praise of numerous clients.  As several clients recently noted:

“Billy and I wanted to thank you again for helping create such a great evening! I know you not only had to deal with directions from me, but also from my Aunt and the banquet manager.  You handled it well! 🙂  I also appreciate you keeping us on schedule and checking in with me from time to time… I will recommend you to any newly engaged bride-to-be that I encounter.”
~Eckhardt Wedding~

“All night long people told me how great the DJ was. I gave him very little instruction because my friends and family aren’t really dancing people. He got everyone moving, even DH danced!  He also let one of my friends sing, and played the music for her.  We were so happy with Brennan, and we are still receiving compliments on him.  He was probably my favorite vendor, and I’d recommend him to anyone for any party, anywhere.”
~Veas Wedding~

“Brennan was excellent. I contacted him several times before the reception and he always got back to me promptly and answered my questions… He gave us a song list to choose from. We used that and asked for several other songs and he was very obliging about having them. He came dressed appropriately, was easy to work with and did a wonderful job. I am still getting compliments about the music, how good it was and easy to dance to.”
~Kirlin Wedding~

Veronica and I very much enjoyed working with you. I am sure our paths will cross again soon as you are one of the best DJ’s that we have come across! Please be sure to keep in touch and let me know if there is anything you need from me on this end.
7/28 Ashworth/Green Wedding Reception.

Geomyra Lewis
Certified Professional Bridal Consultant