Brian Bergman

“It’s obvious that you have a passion for your work and love what you do!”

This is the comment I hear the most from clients and guests at the events I perform at. The best part about hearing it is, it’s absolutely true!

I do love what I do for a living. I’ve always loved people and music, and have a fun sense of humor, so this was a perfect fit for me. I basically party for a living and in the process help other people have fun at events. What could be better?

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I have thoroughly enjoyed all the different types of events I’ve done, which include Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, weddings, corporate events and private events, over the 19+ years I’ve been in business. The last 16 of those years I’ve been a full-time DJ, averaging 105 events per year.

Reading the crowd

Because of my varied experiences as a DJ, I’ve become very good at gauging a crowd to know what music to play to keep the crowd going, as well as building additional momentum on the dance floor.

Having a large musical library that runs from the ’30s to the present certainly helps in that respect.

I bring the following types of music with me to every event:

  • Rock ‘n Roll
  • Top 40
  • Alternative
  • Big Band and Swing
  • Motown
  • Dance
  • Country
  • Standards/Show Tunes
  • Soul, Disco and Funk
  • R&B and Hip-Hop
  • Slow Songs and Ballads
  • Ethnic-Jewish, Latin, etc…


My experience also enables me to read a crowd to know what if any interaction is needed to get them going. I’m one of the most outgoing, interactive DJ’s in the business, and if any DJ can jumpstart a party, it’s me. Of course I tailor my level of interaction to what the client wants as well as to what the crowd needs in the moment. In some cases, very little interaction is wanted or needed, so I very happily tone things down. Yet in many other instances I find myself with a crowd that doesn’t know how to get started without my help. In those situations I may get out on the dance floor to lead group and/or line dances, get groups of of people singing together on the mic to certain songs, or use my personality to help draw people out. In any case, this is all done in such a way as to not be obtrusive. It works!

I have two wireless mics to help me interact. One is handheld and is also available for use by my clients and their guests. The other is a headset, which enables me to lead group and line dances with my hands free.

A Stress-Free Experience

Because it can be stressful to plan an event, I want the event to be stress-free for my clients. I accomplish this by doing the following:

  • I call 3 months before the event to do some preliminary coordinating.
  • I call again 3 weeks before the event to go over the entire flow of the affair. We discuss everything that will happen from cocktails to the last dance, with me making suggestions of what I’ve found works best based upon my experience.
  • During the event, I will run the show from start to finish, based on the schedule my clients and I have worked out. I coordinate everything with the caterer, photographer and/or videographer. This allows my clients to eat, drink, dance and schmooze with their guests, instead of worrying about what time something is supposed to happen or what order it’s supposed to happen in.
  • I also bring back-up equipment with me to every event – just in case!

What I’m Proudest Of

After 19+ years in the business, it’s gotten to the point where the vast majority of my business comes from the following sources:

  • Previous clients who use me again
  • People my clients refer to me
  • Guests who’ve seen me at events I’ve done
  • Vendors I’ve worked with, such as photographers and caterers