Karaoke Ralph Freeman

music, corporate event,wedding

Looking for that special touch or splash of color and fun to add to any your special moments? Karaoke is just the right thing! Plan your wedding, birthday, fundraiser, corporate event or any reason to party, with karaoke. My style of karaoke will take any occasion to the next level of celebration and fun. As long as there is a power, I can custom my karaoke to fit your needs!

My style of karaoke is simply to provide a carefree singing environment. You sing karaoke without judgment. Whether you sing on key or off key, we all sing together and have fun.

I currently offer the latest and the best in equipment and software:

1. Up to 4 VocoPro

2. 1 TV Monitor (Screen for singers) – able to split to two screens maximum

3. 2 Bose/Mackie/ – Speakers or more

4. Laptop, hard drive, karaoke software

5. 90,000 Songs and more

6. Customized songbooks

7. Spotify and ITunes (Radio and Music)