Mike Luhan

DJ Luhan has been DJing at weddings and parties for over eight years. He is passionate about music and passionate about providing the best service. DJ Luhan pays attention to the littlest of details to make sure your event flows smoothly and without hiccups. He works with professionalism, finesse, and he has the best time doing what he does: making sure you and your guests have an incredibly fun and memorable time at your event. ​

His style of music range from today’s hits, hip hop, classic rock, country, EDM, and throwbacks from 2000’s, 90’s, 80’s and all the way back to 50’s. He also has latino music, everything from today’s hits, reggaeton, salsa, bachata, merengue, cumbia, and the classics. He can recognize what kind of music will work best with your guests, and DJ Luhan’s style of DJing balances those genres to make sure all of your guests enjoy themselves on the dance floor to the fullest.

He provides top of the line sound equipment, including perfect-sounding loud speakers, subwoofers, mixers, wireless handheld and headset/lavaliere mics, and a professional Pioneer DJ controller. His sound will give your event crispy clear audio, so all voices will be clean and audible, and the music will be sure to get your party rocking. He also brings dance floor lighting that will perfectly light up the room and bring intensity to the dance floor. He makes sure that his setups are neatly presented with minimal wire exposure and no tripping hazards.

He has backups for everything: backup computer, backup music, backup wires, backup DJ controller, backup mixer, backup speakers, backup mics. We know all the common pitfalls when it comes to DJing events and we take every precaution to avoid them. He comes to your event as early as possible to sound check everything properly and troubleshoot when necessary.

“Let me start out and say first that my now husband and I are both musicians. Classically trained and my husband is an incredible guitar player. We love music and are avid music lovers, and thus big music critics. I was very nervous about getting a bad DJ for our 11/17/17 wedding in Old Town Alexandria, VA that wasn’t able to adapt to the flow of our guests, or play songs that were relevant today but not the rap stuff millennials listen to that is so pervasive right now. I also wanted someone that could mix (hence the word DJ) in songs instead of just stopping a song and playing the next one. Well let me tell you – DJ LUHAN WAS AMAZING. We no joke got compliments from our picky music friends that he was SO GOOD.
Not only did he handle the logistics of introductions and opening songs/first dance songs flawlessly and handling the mic with such stage grace, but he is a musician himself and kicked ass on the songs he played and how he played them. Weeks prior to the wedding, he had a comprehensive song worksheet that hit up all the songs for must plays, do not play list, cocktail music, dinner music, etc., that was great and helped us communicate and customize what we wanted him to play.
After we were done with first dance songs, all our friends couldn’t stop talking about how DJ Luhan nailed it as he played the best songs each a minute or so long to get the party started – and it did!!! One person said “I felt like it was a power hour!” Everyone had such an awesome time – and the music is the biggest part of that equation. The dance floor was full all night long. He handled guest requests great – and the flow was perfect. He played a couple slow songs to break up the evening and then kicked into high gear with more hits. When I wasn’t too fond of a certain song (just me and my personal tastes – not that they were bad songs) he was always in eye contact with me and changed it quickly to something better. Admittedly though, I am a control freak. 😉 Then at the end of the night – in our drunken stuper, Mike (the DJ) gave us the mic and had karaoke songs that we started to sing after the most our guests had left and it was just our good friends hanging out before we went to the afterparty. It was awesome (and embarrassing for me as my voice was shot and I was a mess) but nonetheless awesome. He was THE BEST CHOICE WE COULD HAVE MADE IN A DJ… and I interviewed several. PLEASE BOOK HIM – HE IS LITERALLY THE BEST. Not to mention he is such a great guy. Thank you SO much Mike!!!!”

Chris and Kaitlin

“First, I’ll start with a quick caveat… I’m a musician who has played in several bands in the area. I always just assumed that if or when I got married, either my band or a friend’s band would play the wedding. That said, after some discussion and careful consideration, my (now) wife and I were torn between hiring a band or a DJ for our Fall 2016 wedding. We opted to go with Mike (aka DJ Luhan) and let me tell you, it was definitely the right call. Throughout the entire process, he was on the ball – from quick follow up and an in person introduction, to follow up on details, styles and music selection, to actual day of events… Mike flat out provided the type of top notch service you don’t really get anymore these days.
Day of the event, Mike was flexible and adaptable… due to weather we had to change the location of the ceremony. Not a problem – a quick call, and he was on it! Changes in the wedding party because hurricane related of travel issues? Not a problem – Mike rolled with it, and was on top of every detail. Changes to the schedule because of health issues in the wedding party? Mike was quick to offer suggestions and alternatives. He was really a blessing to have on our team that night!
Summary: Excellent MC, great at keeping the party rolling, perfect read of the crowd, no issues finding songs before and during the event. Excellent equipment, and right-sized for the events (ceremony, cocktails and reception). Lighting was perfect. Great easy going personality. Really, he just provided the whole package and made it easy for us throughout. If you’re considering hiring a DJ for a wedding or private event, please do yourself a favor and hire DJ Luhan. You won’t be disappointed!”