Roscoe Makle

Hi, my name is Roscoe Makle but I am also known as DJ Chop! I am from Southern Maryland and started
DJ’ing about 3 years ago. Since I have begun, I have performed at all kinds of events all over the DC, MD,
and VA area. I have done events such as weddings, birthday parties, graduations, holiday parties, bars,
clubs, you name it and I have probably done it! I use a software program called Virtual DJ 8 which does
allow me to get any song you would like pretty much on demand! I also can get the video version of
most songs and play them from my computer to any video screen or projector! I am a big people person
so I try to make sure that at each event everyone is having lots of fun and my client is completely
satisfied! If you go with DJ Chop, I promise you will not want the party to stop! Thank you!