Ear Plugs Can Improve Your Vocals

Just but everyone wants. Some people actually do it but It takes a lot of courage and practice to be a singer. Untrained singers may have a difficult time learning to singing with a band. Just because you have a good voice doesn’t mean you’re a natural.   Believe it or not, wearing ear plugs during rehearsals and even performances can do wonders.

Here’s why:

1. You’ll learn better pitch. Every singer needs to sing in pitch, but how does ear plugs help? Because you can hear yourself! Plug one ear while singing! You’ll notice how much clearer your voice is. If you plug both ears the natural reverberation that happens inside your skull makes you voice sound clearer. Taking advantage of this will make you hear your voice exactly as the audience hears.

2. You’ll hear the other instruments easier. The perception that plugging your ears means you won’t hear anything or that everything is “too soft or low”; but all its really doing is filtering out the other noise going on. Plug you ears when listening to music. The music is still there, but the other noises in the room are filtered out.  

It’s like turning out the lights, eventually you will see shapes. If you wear ear plugs at each rehearsal your ears will adjust and what you hear is the sounds of the instruments, more than the other distortions in the room. After your ears get accustomed, you will hear the real music in a rounder, balanced sound.

3. You won’t lose your voice pushing your vocals to hard. If you wear your ear plugs, you can develop a much better awareness of how much effort you need to exert when you perform.

4. You won’t lose your hearing. Hearing is just as important than your voice.

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