Euphonism was created from a fateful Craig’s List post that brought together several musicians at the Metro Center Caribou Coffee in downtown DC. Those meetings turned into rehearsals and rehearsals turned into shows. With bold first steps, Euphonism’s first public performance was in front of 20,000 screaming Washington Capitals’ fans at the Verizon Center in November 2006.

Since then, Euphonism has created a name for itself in the DC area and the a cappella community at-large with performances at the London A Cappella Festival, Mid-Atlantic Harmony Sweepstakes, East Coast A Cappella Summit, SingStrong, SoJam, local music venues, and festivals. They’ve opened for The Swingle Singers in NYC and London, as well as shared the stage with Duwende, The House Jacks, and Cluster. The group provides all-vocal music entertainment from all genres for all ages.

Euphonism is a proud member of the Contemporary A Cappella League and is also on the artist roster of LOUDR.

Click Here to Listen to Euphonism’s Album Stuck in a Moment

Meet the Band

Rishabh Bajekel: Tenor. The most amazing beard. Looks better in pink than you. Maybe soon we’ll tell him his audition is over.
Joe Kang: Baritone/Bass, but sometimes Tenor. Old guard. Rehearsal & Retreat host. Yes, his shoes are nicer than yours.
Charlie Friday: Bass/Vocal Percussion. Tech manager. Rehearsal dictator. No longer allowed to talk on stage. It’s for our own good.
Jeeves Murphy: Vocal Percussion/Tenor. Permanent probation. Workouts that put us all to shame. Bankrolls the jar.
Amanda Cornaglia: Soprano. Mama hen. Frequent singer of meows and heavy breathing. Rumors of not sleeping are untrue. In fact, she can fall asleep anywhere.
Johanna Horn: Mezzo. Can outdiva the best of the best. Vocal impressionist. Ruling princess of Caucasia. Strong opinions on geometric shapes.
Laura McCann: Alto. Eats baritone notes for lunch. Human pitch pipe. Will sing for oreos. Also answers to Granny, Donna, Bev, or Captain Crunch.

Video Samples