Pete PapaGeorge

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Pete Papageorge discovered the guitar at age 14, and the love of his life changed from baseball to music. At 16, he played electric bass in an R&B band in the DC area. Along the way, he learned to play the piano and drums.

Originally from Arlington, VA, Pete graduated from the George Washington University with a B.A. in English Literature. While there, he was active in theater. Senior year, he had leading roles in both productions offered; Paul in the musical, Carnival, and Jaques in Shakespeare’s As You Like It, which was given a rock treatment. That year, Pete received an award for Outstanding Dramatic Contribution.

Pete played in bands in college and a variety of music including R&B, R&R, pop, and folk. After college, he continued to play in bands, including a 15-month stint as lead guitarist with Washington, DC folk singer legend Donal Leace (recently inducted into the WAMA Hall of Fame), as well as nine months with R&B singer Big Al Downing. He was also involved in numerous studio projects including a single with Donal for Atlantic Records, an album with Quincy Mattisson (member of Otis Redding’s road band and also The Winstons), as well as recording with his own groups.

Since 1982, Pete’s earned his living as a solo performer in the Washington, DC area singing & playing acoustic guitar. His repertoire covers a wide variety of music which includes country, folk, pop, R&B, R&R, blues, Irish, as well as his own songs.

Pete started playing at the Irish Times in September, 1985, a restaurant near Capitol Hill in Washington, DC (see “Events” tab). A CD, Pete Papageorge – Best of Live – At the Irish Times is currently available at Pete wrote “The Kickball Song,” aka, “Everybody Loves Kickball,” which is a favorite with kickballers everywhere.

In May 1988, Pete wrote a song in collaboration with Dr. Joe Waldbaum, a podiatrist-turned- performer from NYC, entitled “I Grew Up Getting Beat On By Leon” which was released as a single and which charted in Cash Box. Pete also wrote “Theme for Gailie,” an instrumental which aired on The Weather Channel the month of December, 1998. Pete’s been nominated four times (1998, 1993, 1992, &1991) as Most Promising Male Songwriter by the Tennessee Songwriters Association International (TSAI), Nashville, TN. In 1991, he established BMI-affiliated music publishing company, Once in a Lifetime Music.

In addition to music, Pete has acted in Film & TV and has been involved in voiceover work. His latest film is A Dirty Shame, a movie on sexual addiction, by John Waters, where he plays a blind, sex addict. The movie stars Johnny Knoxville, Chris Isaak, Tracy Ullman, and Selma Blair. Recent projects include work in Ladder 49, starring John Travolta and Joaquim Phoenix; the lead role in a movie short entitled, Urban Ghost, by Terry Michael King; playing a dog handler in the Disney movie, Tuck Everlasting. Other movies worked on include “Step Up 2,” “Get Smart,” “The Invasion,” “Syrianna,” “Hannibal,”Traffic,”Along Came A Spider,” and “Murder at 1600″; on HBO,”A Shot in the Heart” and “The Corner”; and on TV, “The District,” “America’s Most Wanted”,”The Young Americans”, and “Homicide-The Movie.”

Most recently, Pete voiced the characters of Palladin Vargas, Chief Gustavo, and several other characters for the hit videogame, “FALLOUT 3.” He’s also the voice of Gustabo for “THE AMF WORLD BOWLING TOUR” videogame. He’s voiced commercials and narrations for clients including the U.S. Army, CIA, DOD, ICE NEA, Verizon, and the American Red Cross. He’s also narrated children’s books for the Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic Association and narrated The Narrative Life of Frederick Douglass: An American Slave, which is now a CD available for purchase from the Commuter Library (800/643-0295).