The Changing Expectations of the Event Industry

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Anyone in the talent management industry must be aware of and sensitive to the impact technology has had in driving change from multiple perspectives. If you are a musician or the ‘talent’ it is important to be sensitive to what a prospective agent may be looking for. If you are the talent agency you must be knowledgeable about the many ways technology can be inserted into an event to enhance the experience and, finally, if you are an attendee of an event, you know that you want every moment to be memorable! In this blog we will look at a few of the ways that technology is becoming an integral part of the fun!
An event audience has high expectations today. It can’t be helped. Mega parties such as the Super Bowl and televised weddings have helped to set the bar higher if you are throwing a party. Where once you could hang streamers and balloons, today’s guests expect to be wowed with light shows and musical surprises. As the host or hostess, you are obliged to take this into account if you want your day or evening gathering to be something that will be looked back at fondly. For example, many parties now provide ‘goody’ bags as part of the fun for all attendees and wearable technology is being woven into every experience.
From the event planner’s perspective or that of the talent agency, we are acutely aware of the fact that technology has literally overtaken human communication. Audience members of any event interact on multiple levels and the agency placing talent must not only be cognizant of this but learn how to harness it to their benefit. People are judging, rating and sharing information about all aspects of the event throughout the experience and placing it in cyberspace for all to see. The talent agency must be prepared in advance for this and understand no aspect of the experience should be left to chance!
From the talent’s perspective it is not acceptable to be average any longer. The collective ‘we’ have seen the most fun and interesting musicians, singers, groups and acts. People are looking for the ‘Cirque de Soleil’ experience every time they step out the door. True, it makes the job more challenging but then holding yourself to a higher standard can have its rewards!
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