The Company of Praise


KEITH F CHILDRESS is a composer whose sound is like none other. The style of music that comes out of this man is the trend of praise and worship for the future. His sound is one that invites others to join in and celebrate. “Oh magnify the Lord with me; Let us exalt His Name together.” This message is clearly defined and exemplified in Keith’s debut recording entitled “Unity”.

In addition, during these High School years Keith began to play with an R&B group. They appeared in shows with such artists as Kool & The Gang, James Brown, The Manhattans and many others. “My mom and dad were not pleased with this decision,” says Keith. Nevertheless, the call on his life soon led him away from the R&B arena.
The giftings in Keith gradually took shape, revealing the truth of a significant childhood dream. “When I was a little boy I had a dream where I saw people of different nations come together and offer up one glorious combined sound of praise to God. They were singing a celestial song of worship that made them all one.” His travels throughout the world, sharing the music God has placed within him, have enabled him to see people of different races and ethnicities gather under one roof and send up a united praise to the King of the Ages.
Stylistically Keith is multi-faceted. He is equally comfortable writing a modern day hymn or composing a tune ringing with tasty Caribbean spices. For example, on his CD, the hymn “Jesus Be Glorified” is reminiscent of Mozart or Beethoven, while the title cut, “Unity”, explodes with delectable flavors of Jamaica and Urban America. This tune also introduces some listeners to a form of rap that is known in Jamaica as “Dub Poetry”. There is definitely something for everybody in Keith’s music.Also in 2007, Keith has also had the honor of arranging the background vocals for the Carman CD. One of Keith’s mentor’s, by way of recordings and concerts was also on Carman’s CD. It is none other than Andre Crouch. Keith’s song “We Lift You Up” is also be featured on the CD.In November 2011 Keith and his singers were asked to sing at a reception honoring the president of the newly formed nation, South Sudan.
In April 2012 Keith conducted a songwriting workshop at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington DC.

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