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When planning a corporate event or business function, even though the music is not at the forefront of the event, it can still make or break any event. Whether in your face, or as ambient noise in the background, bad music can make for an unenjoyable evening. So when it is time to choose the music for your next corporate event, Bialek’s Music has a roster of musicians that will fit perfectly; they have the experts to help you make the right choice.

One of the common misconceptions about background music is that it has to be instrumental. It is easy to understand why people think this way. When we think of singers we think of someone loud, full of bravado and seeking the attention of everyone in the room. This is not always the case. A delicate voice accompanied by a jazz trio can blend into the background of the room perfectly. Not all voices are suitable for networking events, which is why the professionals at Bialek’s Music are the perfect people to talk to when making the decision about instrumental or vocal music. They can make sure you get the right style of vocalist to gently blend into the shadows of your event.

Sometimes a live band is not appropriate for your event or venue. In these situations a single musician with a backing track, a saxophone player, string player, or pianist may be what your event needs. The guitarists, pianists and other solo musicians who work with Bialek’s Music have a large repertoire and can blend in seamlessly with the tone of your event. Many of these solo musicians also have the ability to move around the room, which can come in handy if your venue is a larger space with multiple rooms.

When selecting musicians to play at your event, it is important to ensure that the musicians can fit the style and tone you want to convey with your gathering. At the end of the day, music sets the mood for your event. Let Bialek’s Music help you provide the best music possible for your event. For more information or for booking, please visit

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