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Event,Music,PartyIt isn’t too early to search for a venue to hold your Thanksgiving dinner. The end of September is a great time to send your intended guests a “Save the Date” notice since Thanksgiving is the biggest travel day of the year and planning ahead is paramount.

When party guests come from out of town or out of state, event planning can be a little tricky, but we have a few pointers to help you along the way.


Select a location that is central for all your guests, whether they’re staying with family members or checking into a hotel. This will also help with transportation to and from your dinner. If you have a lot of people coming from out of town and staying in a hotel, check out venues in that area. It will be easier for people to navigate to a nearby location.


When touring a venue, check the parking situation. There’s nothing more frustrating than circling the block trying to find a parking spot. A private valet service is an option, but to save money, create car pools based on location. Uber and Lyft are other possibilities.

Venue Capacity

Be sure you have enough space for your guests. Packing tables close together will make everyone uncomfortable and inhibit visiting from table-to-table. ┬áIf you’re hiring a band, be sure there is ample space for them as well.


If you’re using the catering and beverage services at the venue, you should be clear about the policy for minimums. Most venues have a food and beverage minimum (F&B minimum) you have to pay whether or not all your guests attend.


If you or other guests will do some of the cooking, find out if there’s a kitchen and if bringing your own food is allowed. The policy will vary. Do you want set up and clean up services? Do they have AV equipment, WiFi, a sound system, etc.? What type of seating is available? The more on-site amenities, the less hassle there is for you.

Make sure you include music in your event plan. Bialek’s Music has over 40 years of experience providing the best musical talent in the Maryland and Washington DC areas. Contact us today – your guests will be thankful you did!

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