Hiring The Right DJ For Your Event

DJ, music, band, entertainmentThe soul of any great party or event is the music. The options for music range from a single musician, to a singing group, to a professional DJ and beyond. If live music isn’t within your budget, and you don’t want a friend of a friend playing song-after-song, hire a professional DJ. Not all DJs are created equal, even professional ones. Here are three things you should consider before hiring your music guru.

1. Personality – Think about what you want the DJ to do, aside from the obvious. Every DJ has his or her own style and personality and it’s important to match the personality with the event and expectations. Some DJs prefer to just manage the music and not interact with the audience. They may not want to take requests or have the audience sing along. Other DJs are true showmen and have their own flair; they interact with the audience, encourage participation, and create party games. This type of DJ becomes part of the party and adds to its mood. A good DJ can also read the audience and adapt to changes easily. It’s important to know from the start what your expectations are.

2. Equipment – Be sure to ask what equipment the DJ will provide. A sign of a good DJ is one who can provide lighting that contributes to the atmosphere of your event and can take the experience to the next level. Check into the sound system. A really good one will be able to handle loud music without losing quality. A cheap sound system can sound like something from a middle school dance and detract from the mood and guests’ enjoyment. Ask if the DJ is open to attendees using his/her microphone for shout-outs, toasts, dedications, etc.

3.  References – Ask for references from others who have hired the DJ. Talk to people who’ve hired the DJ for events similar to yours. Did the DJ keep people on the dance floor? Were they able to read the audience and adjust to their needs? If possible, attend an event where the DJ is working, or ask if there’s a recording of an event, to see the DJ in action.

Whatever your needs or preferences, Bialek’s Music carefully selects its musicians to ensure you have a quality experience. Contact us today and we’ll help you choose the right sound for your event.

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