Hosting An Event With Live Music

You need to address several issues if you’re hosting an event with live music. Here are some considerations to keep in mind when hosting an event with live musicians:

Size Of Venue And Number Of Guests

Consider the size of the performance area and the number of people you expect to be at the event. It might be difficult for an eight-member band to fit into a place that can only hold 30 guests. A solo guitarist, on the other hand, may face difficulty in a venue that can seat hundreds of people unless placed on a well-lit stage.

How large should your performance area be? The rule of thumb is that each musician should take up the space equivalent to that of three people who are seated and facing each other comfortably.


Take note of the lighting in the room. A spotlight for the musicians allows guests to easily see them and similarly allows the musicians to see what they are doing. It is also important for musicians to see crucial cues for their performance. The sight of a bride entering the church during a wedding, for instance, is a cue to start the song for walking down the aisle.

Accessibility Of Electricity

Musicians may have to amplify the sound so everyone in the audience can hear their performance. They also need to mic their instruments if there are sound distractions. Verify that electricity is available in the area and map out the locations of the outlets. Musicians need this information so they can have the proper extension cords and prepare beforehand in case they may have to rely on battery-operated amplification.


Verify the availability of access ramps that may be needed for transporting music equipment. Make sure that the musicians can easily get to the performance area once they get to the venue if it is in a relatively crowded area.


Be aware of what kind of music is not allowed in a particular venue and check for existing restrictions or regulations concerning sound levels.

Hiring Musicians

Musicians can breathe life into your event. Hiring experienced and talented musicians can make a big difference. Bialek’s Music can help you find the right performer for your event.  Contact us now for your party, event and entertainment needs.

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