How To Choose Appropriate Music For A Business Convention

You looked through your playlist and you’re embarrassed by it. You realized that the music is too sexually suggestive or immature for your event. Not sure what’s the best music for your event? This guide will show how to choose the right music.

Selecting the right music is as important as planning your guest list, coming up with a menu, and choosing a theme. You want to make sure your next conference or event is everything your guests wanted and more.

Check out these essential playlist tips, no matter what kind of event you’re throwing.

Warm Up The Guests

You want to get your guests warmed up. The music shouldn’t be so loud when they enter that it scares them off, but rather it should be upbeat enough to keep them awake. Ease your guests into the festivities with chill music, British pop, soul, funk, jazz, or even indie music.

Don’t Stop, Keep The Music Going

Switch it up during the event without confusing your guests. You want the music to be the focal point without being a distraction from the point of your event. Play a pre-made playlist on Spotify or Pandora that will keep them interested. You can also try ambient music, lounge music, adult pop, easy listening music, and instrumental songs with hip-hop.

Time For Drinks at Happy Hour

Now it’s time to get the party going. Everyone should be drinking and having fun at this moment. You want to have a playlist that keeps all of your guests entertained. Play some feel-good music that’s often played at weddings or the karaoke bar like top-10 hits and 90s nostalgia. Remember your goal is to get your guests out on the dance floor to have a good time.

It’s Officially Party Time!

Are your guests having a good time? Are the drinks flowing? Is everyone on the dance floor? Your event should be relaxed and not a stuffy event. Some guests may leave but others will want to keep going.

You’ll need music that keeps the party going for a few more hours. During this time, play stadium anthems, dance floor jams, and songs from 80s hair bands.

Still lost on a playlist? Bialek’s Music has everything you need for your entertainment needs. You can hire a DJ, band, or an independent artist for your next event. Contact us today for more information about our event and party planning services.

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