How to Choose the Perfect Music for Your Party

Having the right music at your party can mean the difference between hosting a run-of-the-mill event and one that everyone will remember for years to come. The type of music you choose is one of the biggest factors in orchestrating a successful gathering.

How do you decide on the music? The first step is to consider what kind of event you’ll be having. Is it a formal or casual event? The music for a college graduation celebration will be very different from a corporate VIP dinner.

Next, consider the general age of your guests. The ideal tunes for your 25 year-old friends are a far cry from the favorite songs of your grandparents’ generation. A homogeneous group will make your job a little easier. One strategy is to select popular songs from your guests’ high school and college years.

For parties with a range of ages, it’s tough to find music that everyone likes. Since you can’t please everyone all of the time, your best bet is to compile a mix of the decade’s most popular songs in a variety of genres. That way, everyone will likely hear a few songs that they enjoy.

Depending on the party’s theme and the mood you’re trying to create, you can choose jazz, rock, pop, soul, alternative, instrumental, or just about any other genre you can imagine. You can hire a DJ or a live band. If you can’t decide, you can leave the musical repertoire entirely up to the professionals at Bialek’s Music.

Bialek’s Music has been the Washington metro area’s premier musical talent company for over 40 years. We work with top local talent to bring our clients the best of a wide variety of live music. Our professional DJs are among the industry’s best. If you have a specific musical concept in mind, but don’t see it at, just let us know! We can accommodate almost any entertainment request.

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