How To Choose The Right Date For Your Event

Choosing the right day for an event is not as easy as it may seem. It involves more than just picking a particular day in the calendar. Some of the overlooked things may have big impact on the odds of the event’s success. Take the following things into consideration prior to finalizing the date of the event:

Significant Events Scheduled On The Same Day

Big sporting events may not matter much to you but they can be a deal breaker for the people you want to invite. It’s wise to check out significant activities scheduled in your area and consider them when deciding the date of your event

Also remember that weekends in May and early June are prime time for high school and college graduations along with June weddings.  To avoid scheduling conflicts, plan your event around these weekends if possible.

While it is not always possible to avoid setting your event on a day that may conflict with the schedule of some of your guests, it is best to minimize the date conflict by taking into account local events and the time of the year.


Holidays are particularly challenging when it comes to event planning. Parties set on vacation days appear to be advantageous since people are off from work. Unfortunately, many people also schedule their family time and travel around those days, which makes it less likely that guests will be available to attend your event at that time of year. If the event is family-centered, it is possible to have it around a holiday but a conference or a business party could cause some schedule problems.

Weather Possibilities

Despite the unpredictability of weather conditions, it is still important to plan for the possibility of bad weather since a rainy day may deter people from coming to the event.

Temperature should also be considered. If you are planning a summer event, you should know that it is most likely going to be hot during the day so unless your event will be in air conditioned rooms, you should avoid setting the time of your event during the heat of the day.

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