How to Find the Perfect Venue

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Whenever you plan an event, perhaps the most important decision is where to hold it. Regardless of the type of event, there are some basic considerations that will make your planning easier and your event successful.


If your event is local, you may want to consider the most central location for your guests. If you have people coming from out of town, consider the distance from the airport as well. A hotel near the airport is worth considering to make travel for those unfamiliar with the area easier. To help guests get to the venue, provide directions either via email, in a calendar reminder, or use a mobile app.


Depending on where you live and where the event is located, parking can be a major issue. Does the venue have ample parking? Is there a valet service? Are there local valet services you can hire? If none of these options materialize, don’t give up.

You can often reserve or rent parking space from a nearby business. Check out discounts offered by Uber and Lyft. It never hurts to try and negotiate. Cab sharing is another option, or you could consider providing shuttle service.

Venue Capacity

Be sure you have enough space within the venue for your guests. Keep a visit from the local fire marshal off your event agenda. If you’re hiring a band, be sure to confirm the amount of space they will need, in addition to the space required by your guests.


Don’t be caught unaware. Be very clear with the venue when putting together the contract. Most venues have a food and beverage minimum (F&B) you have to pay regardless of how many people actually show up.


Get details about what amenities the venue offers. Is there a kitchen and does the venue offer catering, or will you have to contract with a separate vendor? Do they provide set up and clean up services? Do they have AV equipment, WiFi, a sound system, etc.? Will they provide tables, chairs, and linens? What about centerpieces? Some locations will include these amenities when your F&B minimums reach a certain point. The more on-site amenities, the less hassle there is for you.

After securing the venue, think about the entertainment. Bialek’s Music has over 40 years of experience providing the best musical talent in the Maryland and Washington DC areas. Contact us today and be certain that once you have the right venue, you have the right entertainment.

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