How to Pick the Right DJ

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More and more events are calling for the services of a disc jockey to liven up the party. DJs are found at store openings, corporate and business conferences, all-occasion parties from Christmas to birthday parties, balls, graduations, weddings and marketing schemes. It seems that everywhere you turn today you find a reason to hire a DJ. So, what standards should you use when choosing a DJ to ensure you engage the services of one whose skill set matches your needs?


Begin by reviewing available information on local DJs in your price range and arrange interviews. Then ask these questions and take notes!

• Is acting as a disc jockey a part-time or full-time job for you? Where have you performed in the past and do you have one focus, such as weddings and are you flexible? Your best bet is to hire a DJ that has broad-based experience. The helps to ensure that any awkward incidents at your event can be handled smoothly and not cause a disruption.
• Do you customize the music experience? Are you able to provide play lists and song suggestions? It should be the job of the disc jockey to plan the music experience. That is why you are hiring this person in the first place; it prevents you from having to undergo the time-consuming process of micromanaging. Hire the professional and leave the planning in their capable hands.
• Do you have any demos that I can watch and listen to? How would you get the crowd worked up for my event? How do you keep them energized from beginning to end? Watch the demo tape to see how the DJ interacts with the crowd over the course of the event and not just at the opening. A DJ that allows a lull to occur has lost the crowd, which puts a damper on the event.

Other questions relate to song requests, equipment, and what they do in an emergency. The experts at Bialek’s Music are available to speak to you about all your music needs. We look forward to working with you.

Please call us anytime at (301) 340-6206 in the Washington DC area, or at (410) 484-7978 in the Baltimore area to set up an appointment.

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