How To Use Music To Reduce Your Anxiety

Music does more than make you dance and bring people together. It also affects your brain. No matter if it’s fast or slow, music can have a huge impact on our minds. The effects of music have been tirelessly studied by scientists for years. Music can change the way you think and feel.

Music therapy helps improve your stress and/or anxiety. If you can’t afford a music therapist, you can still use music to improve your mood. According to the American Music Therapy Association (AMTA), music can have profound effects on an individual.

Listen To Music You Enjoy

Start by listening to music from your favorite artists and bands. Music can trigger certain memories or emotions. You’ll be able to know how a particular song makes you feel. If you want to feel better, you may want to find new music that doesn’t make you anxious.

As always, listen to music you enjoy. It’s never fun to listen to music that your friend or your parents make you listen to. If you don’t like it, then don’t listen to it. You know what you like and you can find music based on your preference and mood.

Search For Music That Speaks To You

Look for music that speaks to you in a certain way. For example, listening to relaxing music can help put your mind at ease. You don’t want to listen to loud or aggressive music that may trigger your anxiety.

A chemical in our brains called prolactin, helps us to elicit feelings of comfort. That means when you’re listening to relaxing music, it’s helping your brain to feel better. Choose music that will make you feel good or that brings back those happy feelings.

Listen To Music Without Lyrics

Lyrics can be hard to interpret when someone else is telling the story. When lyrics are included in the song, our brains try to process those lyrics for our personal meaning. They may also stimulate more negative memories.

Considering listening to ambient music or classical music where there are no lyrics involved. This is a great way to relax when you just want your mind to unwind without focusing on the music.

Create A Playlist To Help You Reach A Desired Mood

Obviously you want to feel better after listening to music. Do you want to feel confident, happy, relaxed, or optimistic? Create a playlist with your desired mood in mind. For example, an up-tempo song could produce more anxiety so you may want to find something slower for your next song choice.

If you want to get into a more relaxed state, choose a song that’s even slower than the previous one. Bialek Music has been providing music to parties, weddings, and other events for over thirty years. Contact us if you need help with an upcoming event.

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