Is it digital or live?

Music Entertainment EventsThe quality of music recording has improved exponentially since the days of the Saturday big band radio broadcast. Recording devices and playback technology brought music into nearly every home–and vehicle–from the days of the 8-track tape to cassettes to streaming music. Despite these advances, nothing compares to attending a live performance and having a holistic experience.

Music industry trends are showing that live concerts and festivals are holding their own in the digital age. According to “Digital Music News,” live events, festivals and big name events, make up 43% of revenues in the music industry. And, move over music downloads, vinyl is coming back. The winning trio in today’s music scene is live events, streaming, and vinyl.

It’s almost counter-intuitive, but in an effort to make up for the lost revenues from the growth of streaming, artists are taking to the road once again with more live events. That’s good for musicians, promoters, venue owners, and music fans. Now is a great time for those who like to enjoy local festivals, small venue concerts, and big name events.

The trend toward live events is also a boon for newcomers to the music scene. Small venues allow bands and solo musicians to play to packed crowds and get up close and personal with a growing fan base.

A quickly developing twist on live concerts is the combination of live and VR concert participation. Concert-goers enjoy live music while sharing the perspective of musicians performing on stage. It’s a trend to watch.

In another seeming contradiction to advanced technology and VR is the resurgence of vinyl. One of the roadblocks to vinyl distribution is the aging technology used before the medium went into decline. Companies are beginning to invest in new technologies and facilities to unblock the distribution bottleneck and get vinyl into the hands of consumers.

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