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What is a party without the right mood lighting? Parties are celebrations that should be enjoyed by guests and hosts alike. The right lighting is as important to the overall feel of the occasion as the right food and right outfit! Proper lighting can give a party a more festive feeling. It can also direct an audience’s attention to the entranceway when the bride and groom enter the room or to the podium as a retiree steps up to speak.

Lighting creates ambiance. It sets the tone without being obvious. It can also be tailored to any occasion in many ways. Today’s lighting options are extensive. For example, you can choose different light bulb colors to make a statement. Are you having a party to announce the birth of a baby? Try a blue or pink spotlight to usher in the moment of the reveal. Looking to be dramatic? Well, lighting can be entertaining or mesmerizing, elegant or whimsical. Lighting, like so many of the specifics at a party, can move the event along and be entertaining all by itself. You can even request displays and light shows that can then be further enhanced with special audio and video effects!

Consider all of the following effects of lighting when planning your party.

• Use lighting to direct your guests to particular moments or announcements that are part of the reason for the gathering.
• Remember that you can use lighting to make the entire occasion be more dramatic and memorable.
• Lighting can be used in coordination with other party components to enhance or highlight a point you are trying to make.
• Lighting can be used to add energy to an affair or help set the mood. What is more romantic than soft lights and smooth music when you are trying to woo your guests into cozying up for a celebratory dance at an anniversary party or wedding? The examples of how lighting can be used to create an atmosphere are nearly endless!

Finally, remember that the right lighting can turn the attention and focus to the purpose of the event. If you are planning a party or special occasion, contact the lighting and entertainment experts at Bialek’s Music. Our goal is a perfect party every time!

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