Live Band For Your Wedding

Wedding bands have become increasingly popular among couples tying the knot. Live music on a wedding day can create a concert atmosphere that can make the occasion truly unforgettable. Here are some of the things couples need to consider when hiring a live band for their wedding.

Choosing The Band

Before choosing a band for your wedding, make sure that you check the band’s photos, audio clips and videos which can be found in promotional materials or on the internet. These will give you an idea about the style of the band and the degree at which it can give the best possible musical entertainment on your wedding day.

Feedback And Testimonials

Promotional materials may speak highly of the band but the feedback and testimonials from previous customers, particularly those who hired the band for their wedding, can give you a good idea what to expect and not to expect from the musicians. Go for bands that did well in weddings since performing at a wedding is significantly different from performing at the local pub.


Make sure that the wedding has enough space to accommodate a performing band. The number of musicians who will perform at the event should be accounted for. The standard 4-5 piece band needs a performance area of about 16 ft x 12 ft.

Technical Requirements

Power source should be close to the area where the band will perform. Several two-prong plug sockets often suffice and the band will likely inform you if they need something more.

You may also want to check if the venue has a sound limiter, which is installed to keep noise at a reasonable level. Get details on the venue’s limiter and inform the band about equipment.


The band’s setlist can give you an idea of the songs that the band plans to play or has played during a specific performance. Avoid being too controlling on the setlist though. You may ask the band not to play songs that you do not want but do not be too controlling of their setlist. Professional bands have performed many times at weddings and are aware of the appropriate songs to play.

Bialek’s Music can help make your wedding more memorable with live music. Our live bands perform for corporate events, parties and weddings. Contact us today if you need help choosing the right band and musical entertainment for your special event.

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