Live Music For Corporate Events

Music is an essential tool for corporate events. Playing a continuous soundtrack from a playlist can be an option but live music is more impressive for corporate parties and networking events.

Live music at corporate events suggests a level of sophistication.  Here are some tips for companies and event organizers opting for live music at corporate events.

Do A Background Check Of The Entertainment You Want To Hire

Do some research on the entertainment you consider to hire so you get an idea about the people you will be working with.

Promotional materials can give you an overview of the styles and experience of musicians but trying to see how they perform will give you a good idea if they’re really fit for the event. With the advent of social media and YouTube, musicians now upload their performances online. You can check these to see how they will likely perform live at your event.

Doing a background check can also give you hints on what to expect and not to expect from them. You can look for honest reviews and testimonials from previous clients to help you decide which musicians will do the best job.

Consider The Venue Size

It is highly likely that the venue for the corporate event has already been booked prior to hiring the entertainers who will perform at the event. Go for musicians or bands with numbers and sound equipment that will fit your venue size. A singer or duo requiring a few instruments will have no trouble performing at a small event with limited space. A full band on the other hand, may not be able to perform its best with a small space.

Schedule Performances In Sets

Unlike pre-recorded soundtracks, live musicians can only perform for a set length of time so you need to do some planning and schedule the musicians’ turn in the event timeline. You can hire several musicians or bands. Some can play during the meal, while some can perform their musical act before or after the speeches.

Some musicians can perform all the entertainment provided they are given ample breaks in between performances. The important thing is there is an arrangement between you and the musicians regarding the playing times and the number of sets prior to the event.

Bialek’s Music has experienced musicians who can perform at corporate events. Contact us now if you need professional singers, live bands and musicians to add class to the ambiance of your company gatherings.

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