Marry The Music & The Place

wedding , event, entertainment, musicLocation is everything in more ways than one. Take your wedding from a hotel or banquet hall into the city. There are unique locations in every city that you haven’t considered as a venue for your wedding.

City Hall

The classic architecture of many municipal buildings makes them a terrific choice for your big day. Marble floors, long hallways, and elegant staircases are just a few of the features to incorporate into your ceremony. Imagine making an entrance down a grand staircase, or exchanging vows under a lavish dome. Most cities have a communications contact or event director you can contact to make reservations and obtain the guidelines for using the facility.


Your city’s museum may not be the Guggenheim or the Smithsonian, but consider one in your town as the backdrop for your ceremony. There’s a wide selection to choose from: art, natural history, local history, fashion design, and vintage car museums are just a few of the options. Once again, choose a building that reflects your style and will wow your guests. Many museums will include a complimentary tour of a portion of the exhibits as part of your wedding package.


If you live in a city or region where there are historic mansions, this is another consideration. There are stately homes all over the country. Indulge your fantasy and pretend that for one day, you own the majestic home. Typically you’ll only be able to use select rooms, but who cares? A mansion IS a mansion.

Parks / Gardens

If you’re looking for a unique outdoor location, tie the knot in a rose garden, arboretum, English garden, or maze. Most of the decorations are part of the location and add a different flair from more commonly used outdoor sites.

There are a host of other options to choose from when you use your imagination. Libraries, concert halls, and train stations (yes, it’s been done – Union Station in Los Angeles) are additional options.

After you select your venue, turn to Bialek’s Music for the perfect musical entertainment to match the mood. We can provide the type of live music that will hit the right note for your wedding day. From chamber music to a jazz band to a DJ, you’ll find the quality you can rely on at Bialek’s Music. Contact us today.

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