Matching the Music to the Event

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Have you ever attended an event where something felt off? It could have been something minor such as the décor didn’t match the theme or the food that didn’t suit the presentation that the host was intending to provide. When events don’t offer the guests a continuous and sensible experience, the party-goers will always reflect on the affair negatively.

One very important part of any event is the music and matching the right music to the event will help to ensure it is a success. So what are some things to remember about choosing the perfect music? Here is a list to keep handy during the planning stage.

• Make sure the sound equipment is in good working order and able to reach guests in all areas of the event. There is nothing worse than a system that is sub-par with tunes coming out scratchy, uneven or otherwise unable to be recognized and enjoyed.
• Match the music to the atmosphere! While many people may love pop music is it really the right style for an afternoon tea? Does an evening corporate event beg the use of country music anywhere but in Nashville?
• Is there going to be dancing? If so, the dance floor should be close to the music and the music should probably be mixed to allow for some slow dancing as well as stylized where appropriate. Many hosts will now ensure that a dance professional is there to help people with two left feet join in the fun!
• Remember, events that are planned around sports, such as the Super Bowl, Olympics or even the Masters, may also be opportunities that can be enhanced with music. It is not uncommon for music and sports to overlap in public arenas so it makes good sense to try to marry them together in other settings.
• Talk to the musical acts in advance to ensure you have relayed your expectations and they agree that they are able to meet them. Miscommunication is a sure-fire way to put a damper on a party and music that doesn’t match what the host is trying to convey will fall flat every time.

If you are planning a special event, contact Bialek’s Music. We are experts in talent management.

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