Let Bialek’s help make your event stand out! You’ve probably seen uplighting and pinspotting at events you’ve attended. If so, then you already know just how much cooler any reception space can look with proper lighting. But not all lighting is the same:

Bialek’s uses the latest and greatest lighting technology out there to offer battery powered AND completely wireless uplighting. The “AND” is important. This means that not only are there no power cables to run, but the lighting can be controlled via a wireless remote. Want to change a color? With the push of a button, all the lights respond. Want to create different lighting patterns? Easy! Looking for a nice amber to warm up a room? We can do it! Want cool pastels for a spring Wedding? ┬áDone!

Is this a big deal? Well, yes! Many older (or less expensive) LED’s only have RGB diodes (red, green, blue). This means that the light only has those three colors to mix. The end result is often an unsightly green or rainbow halo around the edges when trying to create amber. It also means that trying to get certain shades of color, or pastels, are near impossible. In essence, the palette of colors to choose from is very limited. And forget about changing colors. Unless every light is connected to each other via DMX cables, the operator must go to every light and manually change each one. Traditional par cans have limitations too. They can get hot…real hot! They also require access to power, and of course you’re pretty much stuck with one color throughout the night.

Our uplighting has RGBAW diodes (red, green, blue, amber, white) for perfect, even color, all across the color spectrum. And don’t forget battery powered operation! This makes a huge difference in spaces such as the Corcoran, Women’s Museum, DAR, Hotel Monaco DC, GW Masonic Temple, or the Andrew Mellon Auditorium. To uplight every column used to require hundreds of feet of power cable going along the floor right where guests walk.

Battery powered, full wireless control, and access to the entire color spectrum…it’s a no brainer to contact us today and let us help create the perfect lighting package for your next event!