Music and Good Health

We all know that Music helps our mood, But scientists have found  that music  doe more than just lifts your spirits. Research is showing it music provides a variety of health benefits:

Listening to music can help  not only mood  but can help cure physical  problems like  back pain.

Mental health research has found that counseling, group therapy,  art and music  is one of the most useful form of therapy.

Some proven ways music can affect one’s mental health are:

CHRONIC BACK PAIN: Music works on the nervous system and helps it  control blood pressure, heartbeat and brain function.

BETTER WORKOUTS: High energy, high tempo music when  exercising provides  better results.

MEMORY LOSS: For people suffering from memory loss, music can help their memory recall by  singing tunes to help their ability to recall words and events. 

WHAT MUSIC IS BEST? Research shows that people with memory loss respond best to music they choose and enjoy music they personally choose and enjoy.

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