Music Can Make Men Look More Attractive

Findings of a new research study have shown that women find men more sexually attractive after listening to emotional, romantic music.

Music And Attraction

Researchers from the University of Vienna in Austria investigated the effect of music on sexual attraction. They wanted to know if certain songs can influence a person’s choice of a romantic partner.

For this study, the researchers showed the participants photos of the opposite sex while soft music was playing in the background. The researchers then asked the participants to evaluate the attractiveness of the face and if they would date the person in the picture. In the second experiment, the researchers displayed the same photos but this time, there was no music in the background. Researchers found that women find male faces more attractive and were more willing to date them when they were exposed to music. 

Music That Can Make Men Look More Desirable

The researchers also found that the women who listened to the most “arousing and complex” songs were the most likely to give the high marks for facial attractiveness and dating desirabilityc.

Misattribution Of Arousal

Study researcher Bruno Gingras and colleagues said that the observation could be explained by a phenomenon called “misattribution of arousal.”

Intense experiences elicit strong emotional responses that the brain confuses with a sexual response. The experiment showed that music can make people more intensely aroused but they attribute this arousal to another stimulus, which is the person of the opposite sex.

This same idea explains why people who go through dangerous situations and watch scary movies together tend to feel greater sexual attraction for each other.

The study showed how music can influence human reproductive function. Music is also linked to a range of other effects such as increased emotional and physical healing, elevated creativity and ignition of the pleasure centers of the human brain. Earlier studies have also shown that music can foster bonding and connection, which makes songs and dance an important part of social gatherings.

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