Music Education For Life

music,entertainment,bandsEvery musician knows music improves every area of your life. Students can acquire the same whole life benefits when they participate in music education. The skill sets students acquire through music education prepare them to do well in other subjects and have physical as well as intellectual and emotional benefits.

When children are involved with music education, they use their voices, hands, ears, eyes, and whole bodies. Do you know of any musician who doesn’t sway, tap, or even dance while making music? Students who learn how to play an instrument have to coordinate what they see and what they do. Large and small muscles are developed as they learn to properly manipulate their instrument.

Students who sing instead of playing an instrument experience similar benefits. Singers have to read the music, the notes and the words, and pay attention to instructions which indicate whether they sing louder or softer, with accompaniment or acapella. Singing or playing music also helps children develop discipline, concentration, and focus.

Another benefit of music education is language development. The Children’s Music Workshop found that music can help develop the left side of the brain, which is involved with language development. Music can actually help wire the brain in certain ways. In addition, music can help children learn new information. When was the last time you couldn’t stop singing an advertising jingle?

Researchers have also found links between music and the ability to visualize how things go together. It helps children learn how to do multi-step operations, which are important in math, engineering, gaming, art, and working with technology. Students who receive music education tend to score higher on standardized tests than students who don’t receive training.

Music education helps children do well in other non-musical areas, not just those related to academics. Being involved with music creates feelings of accomplishment, builds a social community based on shared interests, and makes kids happy.

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