Music Education in Public Schools

Music Celebration EntertainmentIn addition to learning the ABCs and the three Rs, music education is a beneficial and important part of the curriculum in a child’s education. The importance of music programs is supported by numerous studies. The facts may surprise you.

According to the Children’s Musical Workshop, schools with music programs have a graduation rate that’s 17% higher than schools without music education. Attendance rates in schools without music education are almost 10% lower than their musical counterparts. Students who study music reportedly do better in other subjects, are more readily admitted to college, and have a lower rate of drug and alcohol use in later life.

Music advocates in the United States aren’t the only ones who believe in the power of music to improve student performance and learning. A study by the International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement, named the three best-performing nations  – Japan, The Netherlands, and Hungary  – for their emphasis on music education. Music education in these countries is offered to students at an early age and is mandated by the government.

Schools striving to improve test scores in English and Math might consider the benefits of a music program to supplement pedagogical efforts.

The findings by physicians in the area of brain development agree that music education is beneficial to brain function. Learning music develops the ability to recognize and decode a system of symbols and translate those symbols to physical action. In addition to improved brain function, music education requires visual and auditory senses and motor skills.

Musicians benefit throughout their lives with increased attention skills, intelligence, and ability for personal expression. There are other life skills learned in the process of studying music. Regular practice requires discipline and commitment. Playing an instrument is an enriching activity as opposed to the oft criticized habit of watching television and playing video games.

Music is also beneficial to your mental and emotional health. You can create a calm, relaxed atmosphere after a long day at work and school and enjoy upbeat sounds while working around the house. Music is a great coping skill to live a healthy life.

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